Top 3 Things to Do in Weligama Besides Surfing 


Weligama is a beachside town on the south coast of Sri Lanka and it is the definition of the ultimate beach getaway. The town has lovely palm-fringed golden beaches which are hugged by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean, so it is no surprise that people flock to the beaches when they visit Weligama. While the town is renowned for its beaches and is an ‘it’ surfing destination, Weligama and its surrounding areas have many other exciting activities on offer, here are the Top 3 unconventional activities to do in Weligama!

1. Visit Galle Fort

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Photo of Galle Fort, Galle, Sri Lanka by Sahi

3. Devi Nuwara Temple

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Photo of Devinuwara, Dondra, Sri Lanka by Sahi

Galle Fort is one of the many UNESCO World Heritage Sites that can be found in Sri Lanka. The fort was originally built by the Portuguese in 1588, but it was later captured and fortified by the Dutch in 1649. Since then, the Galle Fort has weathered many storms (including the 2004 tsunami) and has long outlived its founders. Today, the fort is a favourite amongst both locals and tourists. Within the fort, most of the original architecture remains, and old colonial houses have now been transformed into hotels, restaurants & shops. As you walk down these cobbled streets it feels as though you’ve been transported back in time and you half expect to see a colonial officer walk past you!

Here are some highlights of the fort:

- The lighthouse.

- Watching the sunset from the ramparts.

- The Dutch Reformed Church.

2. Dondra Head Lighthouse

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Photo of Top 3 Things to Do in Weligama Besides Surfing by Sahi

Situated on the southernmost tip of the island in Matara, the Dondra Head Lighthouse is one of the four international lighthouses in Sri Lanka. During their reign over British-Ceylon, the British constructed mainly lighthouses all over the country’s coastline, and Dondra Head Lighthouse (1889) is one of them. The lighthouse is 49m in height, the tallest in the country and one of the tallest in Asia. The tower is named after the Dondra region, a name derived from the Sinhala word ‘Devi Nuwara’ which translates to ‘city of gods’. Since the lighthouse is still active, climbing to the top is prohibited unless you get permission beforehand. Even though the lighthouse is situated nearly an hour drive away from Weligama, it is definitely worth the visit, hotels similar to Cape Weligama often provide their guests transport to and fro the lighthouse. The view from the top is spectacular; the blue Indian Ocean stretches out before while it crashes on the rocks surrounding the lighthouse, and on the other side all you can see is a thick carpet of greenery. It is truly breath-taking.

Up until the 16th century, Devi Nuwara (Dondra) was a bustling seaside port as it was an important location for trade as well as a renowned site of worship and pilgrimage. The Mahavamsa, the great chronicle of Sri Lanka, explains how Upouhavam Deviyo (who is heavily associated with Lord Vishnu) was chosen as the guardian to protect Sri Lanka and Buddhism. Vishnu is not only a popular god in Hinduism, many Buddhists also worship him because there is a popular belief that Vishnu is a future Buddha, and that is why the temple complex has both a Buddhist temple as well as a Hindu kovil.