Beautiful places to travel for the ultimate Ramadan Experiences

9th Apr 2018
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Ramadan is a time to distance oneself from the stresses and vices of daily life and make more time for family and friends, spirituality and closer attention to religious righteousness. Hence it is a wonderful time to travel and have a unique cultural and religious.

Spending Ramadan in Morocco will be a unique experience to enhance culture and tradition up close. During the day there’s anticipation in the air and after sunset you’ll find a festival atmosphere. The air siren which is called ‘’Zowaka’’ is a traditional sign of the coming of Iftar time and the lighting of lamps in all city minarets creates an amazing sense of calm takes over the streets.

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The city comes truly alive in the evenings making Turkey a unique experience to feel the warmth of hospitality and culture at its finest. The crowds gather in Sultanahmet square for Iftar with irresistible mouthwatering Turkish cuisines and Blue Mosque becomes the center of religious activities. The mystical bazaars buzzing with activities make a lifetime experience in celebrating Ramadan in Turkey. There is a Turkish ritual that drum-rolls are used to wake up people before Suhur and cannons are fired at Suhur and Iftar times.

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Kuala Lampur is one of the most visited places during Ramadan. During evenings whole city comes to life and the streets are filled with local food stalls serving a wide variety of snacks and desserts for Iftar. The locals in Kuala Lumpur are on the streets after offering tarawih. The must-visit bazaars during Ramadan are: Taman Tun Dr Ismail bazaar, Bukit Bintang bazaar and Section 17 bazaar.

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Being an Islamic country, Ramadan is the largest and the grandest festival celebrated blending with remarkable opulence, culture and historical heritage. The Ramadan rustic vibe comes alive with spiritual, cultural and social activities, including exotic Ramadan night markets, and Ramadan Majlis that captivates beautifully catered spread of traditional Arabian cuisine and hospitality. Shoppers can also take advantage of the abundant discounts and shopping promotions.

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A tourist hotspot all year round, Cairo is even more enchanting during Ramadan. During the evenings, people all over Egypt decorate their homes and shops with festival Ramadan lanterns. The whole city is lit up from dawn to dusk. The tradition of the lantern as a decoration becoming associated with Ramadan is believed to have originated during the Fatimid Caliphate. Having Iftar and tarawih in the mosques is a great chance to mix with the locals and sample their traditional cuisine.