Regional Alcohol – What To Try When Travelling in Europe

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Europe is an incredibly varied continent, and this regional variation also means there is a huge amount of local spirits, many of which are unknown to the average traveller. If you need some inspiration on what to try during your next trip to Europe, keep reading. 

Germany: Sekt

Although Germans love their beer, wine-making has a long history in this European country – and that includes sparkling wines too!

Sekt is Germany’s own version of bubbly, although it’s also possible to find it in Austria.

This wine is fermented in the same way as prosecco, and usually has hints of pears and apples.

Although similar to champagne, sekt is sweeter and fruitier, and has a lower alcohol content that generally hovers around 6 per cent.

Italy: Rosolio

Italy is one of the world’s biggest producers of wine and is also known for its huge variety or regional liqueurs, like grappa, amaretto, and frangelico. If you’ve already tried them all and are looking for something new, Italian rosolio should be next in your list.

The main ingredient is rose petals, so this is a very aromatic alcoholic drink.

Rosolio is very popular in southern Italy and in Sicily, where it’s been available for more than 4 centuries.

It can be served straight in small amounts, or mixed with other alcoholic drinks, like vodka or gin.

Greece: Rakomelo

The majority of travellers who have been to Greece are familiar with ouzo, an aniseed-flavoured liquor that has become representative of this Mediterranean country. But if you want to try something different, rakomelo could be just it.

Rakomelo is made with a mix of raki (another popular Greek liquor), honey, and spices like cardamom and cinnamon.

The result is a sweet, warm, but powerful alcoholic drink with digestive properties.

You’re more likely to find rakomelo in Crete and the Cyclades Islands.

Romania: Tuica

Planning a trip to this trendy Eastern European destination? If fruity alcoholic drinks are your thing, you’ll want to try tuica.

Tuica is made with fermented plums, left to macerate in wooden barrels.

It’s served in shot glasses – go easy on it, as alcohol content can be as high as 65 per cent.

Tuica is also known as Romanian brandy or palinca.

Spain: Patxaran

There’s more to Spain than wine and sangria. If you’ve never heard of patxaran, you may be in for a special treat next time you visit the country.

This is a popular alcoholic drink in northern Spain, mainly in the Basque Country, Navarra, and La Rioja regions.

The main ingredient is sloe fruits, left to ferment for about 8 months with coffee beans and spices (usually cinnamon).

Alcohol content in patxaran ranges between 25 and 30 per cent.

If you try any of these regional alcoholic drinks and want to take some home with you, make sure you know what are the EU limits on bringing alcohol and cigarettes in your luggage. And remember that if you have any problems with your flight or luggage, at GIVT we’re here to help. We specialise in supporting travellers with flight cancellations, delayed or lost luggage, and claiming compensation, so bookmark our site for your own peace of mind.

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