The 7 Best Things to Do in Dehradun

Photo of The 7 Best Things to Do in Dehradun 1/7 by Aditi Shukla
Forest Research Institute (FRI)
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Malsi Deer Park
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Cafe Marigold
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Khalanga War Memorial
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Paltan Bazaar
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Robber's Cave
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Mindrolling Monastery

The 7 Best Things to Do in Dehradun

Want to breathe in fresh air, experience good weather and soak up small town life? Well... the capital of Uttarakhand allows you to do just that and more – “Dehradun”. This counter-magnet of Delhi NCR, famous for boarding schools, Indian Military Academy and non-conventional food joints is a small town that boasts of good weather and a non-conventional lifestyle. Let’s find out...

Dehradun is a beautiful city and there is so much that can be done in a single trip. The things to do in Dehradun are endless – a trip close to nature, shopping, strolling at the local bazaars, visiting museums and a lot more! Get there and you will understand what good weather means and how it feels like to live in a cosy and soft town as Dehradun...

1. Walking the forest grassland: Remember the school at ‘Student of the Year’? Yes, we are talking Forest Research Institute (FRI)! It’s one of a kind of forestry research institution in India and is worth spending more than half a day. Take a tour of this Roman architecture set in an extensive green, well-manicured lawn spread over 450 hectares and it will sweep you off your feet. To top it up, Himalayas form the backdrop of this beautiful Colonial piece of art. Make sure you take a look at its museums – pathology, social culture, silviculture, timber and more within its 10am-5pm hours of operation.

Photo of 1. Forest Research Institute by Aditi Shukla

2. Picnic amidst animals: One of the famous picnic spots for adults and children is the Malsi Deer Park. This zoological park conserves the natural environment of the Himalayas. A stroll around the entire place will lead you to a variety of deer – spotted, double-horned, wood-owls, peacocks, Neel-Gai or the Indian antelope, birds, rabbits and more. Interact with them, click pictures and unwind at the green-stretch over a basket of goodies and refreshments from the tuck-shops. Besides these, there is a play-area for kids with slides, swings and see-saws.

Photo of 2. Malsi Deer Park Road, Malsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India by Aditi Shukla

3. Fun cafes and tasty bites: A number of funky cafes and great eateries are sprawling all over the city. With numerous cuisines and choices, momos are a must-try! Ranging from chicken, mutton, vegetarian and beef momos, you find these stalls all along the roads of Dehradun, especially the driveway off Rajpur Road and Mussoorie. These popular steamed items are offered at malls, cafes and restaurants too. Try Kalsang Friend’s Corner at Rajpur Road for its chicken devil momos, the Orchard at Rajpur Road for its steamed and pan-fried momos and Cafe Marigold at Old Mussoorie Road, amidst quaint, lush-green surroundings for an elaborate menu that includes a range of momos.

Photo of 3. Cafe Marigold by Aditi Shukla

4. Shopping: For those who like shopping or want to take back some nick-knacks, pick some ceramic pieces of the famous ‘Khurja’ work along Rajpur Road uphill. These beautifully hand-made and printed pieces of kitchenware, tableware, soap-dishes, pots, vases and an entire range of utilities are worth every penny. Looking for some unconventional shopping? Head to the local shopping bazaar ‘Paltan Bazaar’, south from the landmark ‘Clock-Tower’ for a congested but good walking experience. Choose from a range of fabrics, ready-made material, souvenirs and cheap clothing to a wide variety of cakes, pastries, samosas and more. For the people who cannot live without shopping at malls, try Crossroads Mall at old Survey Road, Pacific Mall at Rajpur Road and the City Junction Mall at Clement Town. Image: Paul Hamilton

Photo of 4. Paltan Bazaar by Aditi Shukla
Photo of 4. Paltan Bazaar by Aditi Shukla

5. Connect with nature: Plan a day to the Robber’s Cave – a natural cave with rivers flowing inside it! The moment you reach there, a dead silence except its running waters and whiff of fresh air hits you – so clean, so pollution-free! Sounds mesmerizing, doesn’t it?! This 600 meters long cave is sectioned into two, with a broken fort-wall structure at the centre. It’s not only a very famous tourist spot, but a very popular picnic spot as well. Trek, stroll, take river-dips and click away! Take the local bus. It’s just 8 kms off the Dehradun Bus Stand anyway. Image: Anne_nz

Photo of 5. Robber's Cave by Aditi Shukla
Photo of 5. Robber's Cave by Aditi Shukla

6. A tour to Clement Town: This is like a smaller town in Dehradun itself. Bordering Rajaji National Park and being away from the crowded areas of the city, one can spend an entire day at this calm and unique township. Several bars, restaurants, hotels, educational institutions and multinationals can be found in this area. Explore the beautiful Tibetan Campus with its Mindrolling Monastery, the world’s largest Stupa – World Peace Stupa and a 103 feet high statue of Buddha dedicated to the Dalai Lama.

Photo of 6. Clement Town by Aditi Shukla

7. Visiting the War Memorial: Just 5 kms off the city center at Sahastradhara Road, you should visit the famous Khalanga War Memorial constructed by the Britishers to honour and depict the brave story of Gorkhas, against whom they fought battles. It is thus the first such memorial in the world where the army has honoured its opponent. A bunch of ex-army veterans maintain the beautiful site that a small road through the forests leads you to.

Photo of 7. Khalanga War Memorial by Aditi Shukla

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