Many sides of INDIA

Photo of Many sides of INDIA by Manasi Vijay

For some reason a lot of people imagine India as overcrowded loud and filled with garbage. Well maybe. Parts of it. But a part doesn't describe a whole. India has many sides and not just that!

Here is a different side of India for everyone to see...

Enjoy the scenic view, cold breeze and a hot cup of coco in the peaceful cafes of Tosh.

Enjoy a sky full of stars in the silent deserts of Rajasthan far away from the world.

Take a swim in the pool or the river if that's what you are into. See the mountains glow in the blue moonlight as the night rises.

Watch the shepherds graze their cattle fearlessly on the steeps as the fog sets and rises.

Watch a beautiful sunset in the backwaters of Alleppey, Kerala as the sky changes colors from blue to yellow to orange to pink.

India is a vast country offering a variety of landscapes, wildlife, people, population, foods and languages.

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Go where no one will go and discover a new world!!

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