Planning a trip after first rains already?

11th Jun 2019

          First rains are always special. They make you feel rejuvenated again. The fragrance of the fresh wet soil. The Cool breeze after a sweaty summer day. Artwork in the sky making you wonder if you can just hold a wand and lumos the sky. But the most important thought strikes your mind is where do you have to plan a trip in this monsoon?

          The place should not be too slippery and risky out of the rain. The place should even not be too humid to handle. The place you can breath away the daily routine and relax the weekend in the most promising calmness of dripping rainfall. Here is one of the offbeat places in India I think would make a best monsoon getaway!

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          Check out the link about for the lovely road trip to Coorg. The best part about traveling to Coorg is the road that you take from Mysore. Between the smoothest valleys the road takes you to one of the best hill stations in India. If you are traveling from Bangalore, you can take a halt in Mysore and travel ahead towards Coorg. And the best place to travel till Coorg is by a bike ride Ex Mysore.

One of the most recommended Road trips!

Photo of Coorg, Karnataka, India by Ameya Mandlik

Places to visit

Abbey Falls, Madekari
Bramhagiri Hills
Dubare Elephant camps
Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)

Hope this monsoon brings you a lot of adventure!

Photo of Planning a trip after first rains already? by Ameya Mandlik

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