Coron: The Philippines Backpacking

12th Nov 2017

Photo of Coron: The Philippines Backpacking by Krutika Parmar

Visit to know more about backpacking in the Philippines' 7 islands. Check gallery to see pics. Enjoy :)

Itinerary: Cebu – Bohol – Puerto Princesa – El Nido – Coron – Boracay – Manila

Reaching Coron from El Nido: We took 06:00 A. M. fast ferry to Coron from El Nido Ferry Terminal. The operator was Montenegro Shipping Lines. The charges for the ferry were around Php 1850 per person.

We reached Coron Port at around 10:30 A. M. Coron Port to Coron Town Proper is another 20 minutes (2 km) ride by tricycle. The tricycle charged us Php 100 for two persons.

You can book the ferry through TravelPALAWAN or any other travel agencies.

Where to stay: We stayed in Bgy 1, Coron-Busuanga Rd. We would highly recommend Coron Villa to stay. The hotel staff, rooms, restaurant (Wild Fern) on the premises and location was just perfect. The main market area with many restaurants and bars is within 5-10 minutes walk from the hotel.

Commute: Tricycle is an easy way to roam around in the town

Things to do: Like El Nido, island hopping tours are a great way to discover the lagoons and beaches in Coron.

1.) Island Tour: This tour covers below places:

- CYC Beach: The beach has white sand and clear water, good for snorkelling, swimming and sunbathing.

- Japanese ship wreck & Atwayan Beach: Snorkelling at a Japanese ship wreck site followed by lunch at Atwayan beach that has clear water and white sand.

- Twin Lagoons: You need to snorkel to reach the twin lagoons. If the tides are low you can go down a small crevice to enter the lagoons. However, if the tides are high you need to climb up the crevice with the help of small wooden ladder to enter the lagoon. The experience of being in the green waters of the lagoons with the backdrop of imposing karst formations is thrilling.

- Kayangan Lake: You will reach the lake after 10-15 minutes hike climbing approximately 300 steps (combined uphill and downhill). You can snorkel or swim or float in the lake. Life jacket is compulsory here. The scenery with clear green water with the backdrop of karst formations is stunning. Also, there is a view deck while hiking uphill to the lake. This place boasts the signature postcard picture of the Philippines’ paraw boats amid blue-turquoise waters surrounded by karst formations.

- Siete Pecados: One of the good places for snorkelling, you will see colorful fishes and corals here.

We booked this day tour with TravelPALAWAN. The charges were Php 1785 per person.

2.) Island Escapade Tour covering Bulog Beach, Banana Beach and Malcapuya Beach: This tour includes visit to the three exquisite beaches with pristine, blue-turquoise waters. Also, the long journey to these beaches, with very less number of tourists flocking to these places makes it feel like you are on an excursion to some remote island.

- Bulog Beach: You will find shades of water from absolute blue to turquoise green. Clear water, powdery white sand and picturesque scenery. One of the best beaches in the Philippines. Good for swimming, sunbathing, photography.

- Banana Beach (excellent place for snorkelling): Another picturesque beach in the Philippines with clear water and powdery soft white sand. The place boasts diverse and colourful corals. It was the best snorkelling that we did in the Philippines. Post the snorkelling relax in a hammock under the shade of trees and enjoy a buko.

- Malcapuya Beach: Perhaps the best beach that we visited in the Philippines. Beach with powdery white sand and clear blue-turquoise water, good for swimming, sunbathing and relaxing. A picturesque location good for photography. To reach the beach you will have to take a short hike of few minutes and reach opposite side of the docking area. The place houses a resort as well.

We booked this day tour with El Nido Paradise. The charges were Php 1700 per person.

3.) Fire fly tour & floating restaurant: This is a night tour. You will be taken in a speed boat to a mangrove section where you will see a lot of fireflies twinkling the trees like it’s Christmas. You will also see bioluminescent plankton. It’s brilliant to see stars, fireflies and plankton twinkling all at the same time. The tour ended with a sumptuous dinner at a floating restaurant.

We booked this tour with Calamian Islands Travel & Tours. The charges were Php 950 per person.

4.) Coron Town: Go to Mount Tapyas, relax in Maquinit Hot Springs, follow it by a visit to a nice restaurant/bar.

- Mount Tapyas: It’s approximately 1 km (10 minutes) tricycle ride from Bgy 1. Climb 700 steps carved out on the mountain to witness an amazing view of Coron. Observe the waters, mountains, ferries in the backdrop of pink-orange rays during the sunset.

- Maquinit Hot Springs: It’s approximately 4.5 km (20 min) from Bgy 1. Relax in the hot water pools of the spring. Ensure to book a tricycle for round trip to and from the springs. Entrance to the spring is Php 200 per person.

- Kuridas Bar And Tattoo: A very lively bar with band playing reggae. The bar is in the midtown area of Coron bustling with restaurants and cafes. Take your seat early as the bar fills up fast. The band artists start working in their tattoo studio after 10 P. M.

5.) Other: Head out to wrecks dive site Okikawa Maru in Coron Bay. Okikawa Maru is the wreck of a 525-foot (160-meter) tanker. We did not do it for lack of time. For more information check the page Girls that Scuba. You can find information on more dive sites at TravelPALAWAN.

Time of visit: November 2017