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Food is often the reason why people travel! After all, there is no better way to appreciate a culture than by sampling local flavours. It could be in fancy Michelin-starred restaurants, humble hole-in-the-wall eateries or cheap food carts on the street. Tripoto's foodie guides written by real travellers unravel the most incredible cities for food and the best places to eat in India and around the world.

Eat All You Can at These Destinations

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In many ways, food is the doorway to understanding distinct cultures. The food of a particular place depends on various factors including the evolution of culture, the place of origin and other influences. For instance, in higher regions where the weather is harsh and unforgiving, the ingredients used in local dishes keep the body warm and give you fuel to brave low temperatures.


On the other hand, people in warmer regions use ingredients which keep the stomach cooler. Of course, this has dramatically evolved over time as cultures have interacted and evolved together. But, what remains is the importance of food in understanding a culture. If you are interested in exploring different cultures through their cuisines or simply enjoy food, a culinary journey of the best food places around the world is just what you need.


While all food places offer something special, there are always a few food places that stand out for the memorable culinary delights that they offer. Planning a tour of the best food places will depend on your tastes, preferences and most importantly – your budget. 


How Can You Plan a Food Tour?


If you are a food lover, chances are that you'll find something to satisfy your culinary quest wherever you travel. However, having an itinerary makes the task much easier. Not only can you plan your trip to the best food places without going over-budget but you can also include more food places on your journey. 


We also recommend keeping your itinerary flexible for your last-minute plans. You never know which town, city or village may call out to the foodie in you.


Tips and Guidelines Before Visiting Best Food Places


Every vacation comes with tips and guidelines that can make your tour memorable. From the best time to travel to following local etiquettes, you never know what might make all the difference in your vacation.


  • Always research before you head out to explore local food places
  • Try to include as many small, local establishments as possible
  • Learn about the place and culture before you head out for a food tour
  • Don't forget to try the local cuisine of the place
  • Follow the rules and don't offend the locals – if you don't like the sound of a dish, it's best to ask more about the taste and ingredients before trying it out


Best Food Places in India 


What can one say about a country which celebrates food? Almost every city in India offers a unique culinary experience and even if you are visiting two cities in the same state, you'll be surprised by the distinct experience.


What stands out about food places in India is that they can even transform travellers who don't quite travel to explore the culinary delights a place offers. There are a plethora of food places in India which should be a part of all itineraries but here are our favourites.




Ask any Delhite about the best food places in the city and chances are you’ll get a long list. From famous eating places in Old Delhi including Parantha wali gali, Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala, Kareem’s to swanky restaurants including Swagat, Diva and old favourites such as Sagar Ratna and Khan Chacha, the city’s brimming with restaurants. Delhi is so popular with food lovers that a new restaurant joins this list almost every week. 


The food culture in the city is evolving gradually as world cuisines find their way here. But the best thing about food places in Delhi is that there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking for wood-fired pizza or a traditional Andhra thali, Delhi doesn’t disappoint. 


Of course, there are some timeless restaurants which can’t be replaced and in fact add more to Delhi’s character. Big Chill Cafe, Bukhara, Sagar Ratna, Have More, Gulati, Ghalib Kabab Corner and Dolma Aunty Momos are some of the best food places in Delhi. However, to be fair, no two lists of the best food places in Delhi will be the same and you will have to follow your heart to find your favourites.

Cost: Exploring food places in Delhi can cost you between Rs.100 to Rs.5,000.




Yes, we know that Alleppey is better known for its breathtaking backwaters, but there is another reason to visit this gorgeous place in Kerala. It’s cuisine. Home to some of the best food places in the country, Alleppey is a haven for food lovers. 


Offering an array of delectable local curries whipped out of fresh ingredients along with a wide variety of world cuisines, this city is a hidden delight. Of course, the best place to enjoy local cuisine is on a houseboat but you can also explore small food places which may not have fancy furniture but do offer mesmerising views and even better food. 


Cassia is one of the most popular restaurants here which is known for its pizzas and burgers but their signature crab meat with appams is the clear winner. Another favourite is the Harbour restaurant which is quite popular among backpackers. Kareemeen is the best dish served here and you can’t find a better version of it in the state. 


We do recommend that you explore the town on your own to find your favourites but we can guarantee that none of the food places in Alleppey will disappoint you.

Cost: A meal here at one of the local food places can cost you anywhere between Rs.400 to Rs.1000.




A complete holiday destination, we wonder if there is something that Dharamshala doesn’t offer its visitors. Picturesque views, scenic monasteries, bustling markets and inviting cafes – this beauty nestling amidst the Dhauladhar range packs in a bundle of experiences.


Owing to the popularity of this small city, a number of restaurants have opened which serve world cuisines including Italian, Chinese and Continental, but the real treasure is the local cuisine. Steaming momos, comforting thukpa and home-brewed coffee are the real winners in Dharamshala and we recommend trying them first.


But what stands out for travellers in Dharamshala is not only the food but the entire experience. The locals are warm and welcoming and the cafes truly give you a glimpse into the local culture. Away from the hustle-bustle of busy city life, food does taste better. 


Among our favourite food places in Dharamshala, we suggest heading to Illiterati Cafe for their coffee, Nick’s Italian Kitchen for hand-rolled, wood-fired pizzas and Tibet Kitchen for authentic Tibetan delicacies. There are a number of small cafes in Dharamshala, Mcleodganj and Dharamkot and if you have the time, we definitely recommend trying a new one for each meal.
Cost: Exploring food places in Dharamshala can cost one anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.1500.



Hyderabad is first known for its food and then the Charminar. In fact, food lovers often call the city one of the best food places in India. A delight for non-vegetarians, food is a big part of the culture in Hyderabad.


Hyderabadi biryani is undoubtedly the most popular dish in the city but we also have a special place for the freshly baked biscuits in old bakeries. If you’d like to try the biryani, we recommend heading to local eateries since they still prepare the dish in the traditional way. Before you dig into your hot plate of biryani, you might also want to try the wide variety of seekh kebabs Hyderabad is known for. Tender and aromatic, we promise you’ll ask for a second helping. 


If you are a vegetarian who is visiting Hyderabad, there is tons in store for you as well. Besides the countrywide-famous Karachi Bakery, you can head to Chutney’s which is known for its many varieties of dosas and other south Indian delicacies. For those who enjoy a little extra spice in their food, The Spicy Venue is a must-try.

Cost: Exploring food places in Hyderabad can cost anywhere between Rs.100 to Rs.5000 depending on the kind of food experience you choose. 




Lucknow is popular for a variety of things but nothing can surpass the popularity of tunday kebabs. A visit to Lucknow demands that you try these melt-in-the-mouth delicacies as well as other dishes this beautiful city is known for.


Chowk, which is the old part of the city, is where food lovers will find the best street food. If you want to experience the city like a local, we definitely recommend visiting here.


The most popular variety of tunday kebab is the galawati kebab and it's said that it's made up of over 150 ingredients. Non-vegetarians will be surprised to know that pumpkin is the main ingredient. 


If you want to experience the warm hospitality of Lucknow and pamper yourself, we recommend visiting Falaknuma. A rooftop restaurant, it is one of the most visited food places in Lucknow and offers travellers a memorable experience. Don't forget to try their rendition of tunday kebab.

Cost: Exploring food places in Hyderabad can cost travellers between Rs. 100 to Rs. 3000 depending on the food places you include in your itinerary.




Srinagar is famous across the world as one of the most beautiful cities in India. But along with its natural beauty, there is another reason it's on the bucket list of many travellers – the local delicacies.


Truly offering an insight into the culture of the city, the local food here has retained its traditional charm and has hardly been influenced by other cuisines. 


Wazwan which is a multi-course meal is one of the most popular culinary delights here and you'll often spot umpteen food places with colourful signboards offering this spread. Made up of more than fifteen non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes, wazwan is usually a big part of celebrations in Kashmiri culture. Owing to a large number of dishes in it, most restaurants serve a toned-down version of wazwan with fewer dishes.


Among the best restaurants in Srinagar, we recommend Shamiyana, Ahdoous and

Kareema for non-vegetarians and Krishna Dhaba for vegetarians. Food lovers must also include a visit to one of the many bakeries for freshly baked locals bread, biscuits and cakes.

Cost: Visiting food places in Srinagar can cost you anywhere between Rs.150 to Rs.3000.




If spicy food is what makes the foodie in you happy, you’ll enjoy discovering the food places in Patna. While litti-chokha is definitely the most popular dish from Bihari cuisine, there is an array of dishes that are as delicious. 


Street food in Patna is the most popular and if you have time, we recommend heading to local markets. Aloo kachalu, dahi choora, chokha with khichdi and ghungni choora are some of the most popular dishes here.


You’ll have many opportunities to try litti-chokha at local stalls and we definitely recommend trying them all. For non-vegetarians, litti chicken is a must-try. We promise you’ll be asking for more. For biryani lovers, Biryani Mahal serves mutton and chicken biryani which is prepared over a long period of time and is truly delicious. 

Cost: Food lovers will have a great time discovering food places in Patna. Costing anywhere from Rs.50 to Rs.500, eating out in the city is not expensive.




For fresh seafood and authentic Assamese cuisine, there isn’t a better place than Guwahati. Serving an array of delicious delicacies, the local food in the city consists of seafood, chicken, mutton curries and fresh vegetables. If you are travelling to Guwahati and would like to explore the local delicacies, the best way is to ask locals for recommendations. 


Khar is among the most popular dishes here and is served mostly for lunch. A curry prepared using raw papaya, taro, pulses and chicken or mutton, khar goes well with rice. For vegetarians, aloo pitika is a speciality which is usually had as a side dish. It goes well with rice and dal and is a favourite among all households.


Another delicacy for non-vegetarians is duck meat. Cooked with ash gourd, it is mostly prepared on special occasions and is available in most restaurants. If you want to try duck meat, we do recommend placing an order beforehand since it takes time to cook. 


Inamsing, Paradise, Tandoor and Ambrosia are some of the best food places in Guwahati and offer travellers a memorable experience. 

Cost: Eating out in the best food places in Guwahati will cost you anywhere between Rs.350 to Rs.1000.


Best Food Places in the World


Food has gradually become one of the biggest reasons for travellers to explore different countries. In fact, there are travel packages which promise an unseen glimpse into the culture of a place through its food. If you are a foodie or enjoy exploring new cultures and culinary delights, here is our travel guide for the best food places in the world.


From world-famous cuisines, local streets, traditional delicacies to swanky restaurants and hawkers – this guide helps you plan your culinary journey with ease. 


Manila, Philippines


Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and is gradually becoming popular among travellers. But besides natural beauty, what makes the Philippines a delight to discover is the many food places and a plethora of delicacies the country offers. 


Manila, the most popular city in the country is where you’ll find the best culinary delights. Halo-halo is the most popular street food in Manilla. A unique concoction of coconut gel, candied fruits, a scoop of ice cream and red beans, halo-halo is as interesting as it gets. The best thing about halo-halo is that there are numerous renditions of it and almost all the restaurants in the Philippines will offer you this desert. 


Kare-kare, buko’s pie and kinilaw are among the must-try dishes in Manila but we do recommend trying whatever the foodie in you likes the sound of. The local markets double up as the best food places for travellers to try but there are also several restaurants which are a must-try. China Blue, Illustrado, Gallery VASK, Bite, Kanto Freestyle Breakfast are the best restaurants in Manila and are extremely popular with locals and travellers. 

Cost: Discovering food places in Manila will cost you anywhere between Rs.200 to Rs.5000.




Italy might be counted among the most popular cities in the world for its historical offerings but when it comes to food, it packs in a bundle of memorable experiences. Of course, among the first things to try here is pizza. The place that put pizza on the world map, Italy serves an array of pizzas which are one of a kind. Margarita which is only cheese is one of the most popular pizzas here and is available across the country. 


Lasagna which is another dish available around the world finds its origin in Italy. Made of flat pasta noodles and baked to crisp, brown perfection, it’s a wholesome one-pot meal which you just can’t get enough of. Available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, it’s a delight for food lovers. Among other popular local dishes, you must also try risotto, gnocchi and ravioli. 


There are a plethora of amazing restaurants in Italy and our favourites are Barred and Bistrot64 in Rome, Antiche Sere Osteria Enoteca in Umbria and  Oasis Sapori Antichi in Avellino.

Cost: Eating out and exploring the best food places in Italy can cost travellers anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.5000.




The best thing about exploring food places in Spain is that each place you visit has its own speciality. Since locals only use local produce in their dishes, these specialties differ from region to region and promise you an experience you won’t forget. 

Paella which is available in the Valencia region is among the most popular dishes here. The locals experiment quite a bit with paella and you’ll find various varieties which might include chicken, runner beans or rabbit meat. Another interesting dish which you can try in Spain is gambas al ajillo. An appetiser and primarily a tapas dish which comes with garlic shrimps sauteed in olive oil, it’s popular across all restaurants in Spain. 

Of course one can’t ignore the world-famous tortilla española. Made using potatoes, eggs and onions, this Spanish omelette is the best breakfast you can have in this beautiful country. The potatoes and onions are slow-fried in olive oil giving it a special smoked flavour you can’t resist. Do try this with freshly baked bread and we promise you’ll be back for more.


Among the best places to eat in Spain, our top recommendations are Arzak which is one of the fifty best restaurants in the world, Can Majó in Barcelona for inarguably the best seafood and La Castela in Madrid. While eating out in fancy restaurants in Spain might be slightly expensive, it’s definitely worth it. However, if you are travelling on a budget, we recommend exploring local food places for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Cost: Exploring food places in Spain can cost anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.5000.




Thailand is one of the best food places in the world and everyone who visits this beautiful country can’t stop raving about the food. While Bangkok is where the best culinary delights are, there are other parts of the country which offer you an unforgettable experience. 


Guay teow, som tam, tom kha kai, khao pad, yam nua and yam talay are some of the most popular local dishes in Thailand which are available across the country. A mix of local vegetables, seafood, chicken and beef, the ingredients used are fresh and the preparation requires minimum oil. You’ll be surprised to note that while the quantity of food is much more than you are used to, it’s extremely light on the stomach. 


Most traditional dishes use a hearty helping of coconut, lemongrass and basil which keeps food fresh and also adds the aroma which is so common in all Thai dishes. 

Cost: Exploring food places in Thailand can cost travellers anywhere between Rs.200 to Rs.5500.




Which are the best food places in North India?

The best food places in North India for food lovers is Dharamshala, Srinagar, Delhi, Punjab and Uttarakhand.


Which are the best food places in South India?

The best food places in South India are Alleppey for seafood, Coorg for local Kodavas dishes which are prepared using fresh ingredients, Mangalore for delicious seafood delicacies and Kozhikode for Malabar cuisine.


How much will it cost me to discover the best food places in India?

Depending on your travel plans, exploring the best food places in India can cost you anywhere between Rs.5000 to Rs.30,000.


Which are the best street food places in India?

The best street food places in India are Mumbai, Kolkata, Indore, Lucknow and Amritsar. From cholle bhature, jhal muri, ghugni to fish fry, kebabs, dabeli and poha, these cities offer everything a food lover can think of.


Which are the best places to eat in the world?

Thes best food places to eat in the world are London, Italy, Turkey, Cairo in Egypt, Penang Island in Malaysia and Hong Kong. 


Which are the best food events in the world?

There are umpteen food events which take place around the world and here are our top five, Wildfoods Festival in New Zealand, Venice Food & Wine Festival, The Great Food Festival in Singapore, Watercress Festival in England and Poutine Fest in Canada. 


Name the best restaurants in India.

The best restaurants in India are Indian Accent and Bukhara in Delhi, Agashiye in Ahmedabad, Pinch of Spice in Agra, Bademiya in Mumbai and Hotel Saravana Bhawan in Chennai.


Which are the best restaurants in Mumbai?

The best restaurants in Mumbai are the Bombay Canteen, Mahesh Lunch Home, Trishna, O Pedro, Gajalee and Khyber.


Which are the most famous food places in North-East India?

The most popular food places in North-East India are Guwahati, Shillong, Imphal and Manipur.


Name the best restaurants in the world.

The best restaurants in the world are White Rabbit in Moscow, Mirazur in France, Bukhara in New Delhi, Leo in Columbia, Noma in Denmark and The Ledbury in London. These restaurants not only offer some of the most delicious cuisines but also an ambience you can’t resist.