Go Goa!

23rd Jan 2016
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Performance at Thalassa
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Arambol Beach
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Anjuna Beach
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Goa is famous as a tourist destination due to it's beaches, low cost drinks mainly fenny and the party culture. Hire an Activa and explore this beautiful city. Enjoy water sports like parasailing, jet ski and banana boat. Try to look for accommodation around Baga. The north is more popular while the south by far is less explored and also more beautiful. Nothing can beat the churches of Old Goa.

Don't forget to carry a lot of cash as all shacks accept cash payment only! Cheers!

The most lively beach of goa, eat and drink in the Shacks or enjoy water sports.
Calangute has lost its charm due to overcrowding and trash on beach. A beach to avoid!
This beach is calm, peaceful and less commercialized as compared to Baga and Calangute.
Shopping at Wednesday Flea Market for jewellery, clothes, ornaments etc can be done. It's time to really put your bargaining skills in action!
'Dil chahta Hai' fort offers a spectacular view of the beaches especially during sunset.
A fort in ruins, has nothing much to offer except the view.
Located in South Goa, it's one of the beautiful beaches of goa with white sand.
A must visit party place of Goa! The 4 levels of pub, a poolside area, great DJ, bar area and view of goa from the hill. A Jeep takes you up the hill, but you can also walk 300m of steep road. If you want to sit in a nice place you have to come early. This place is just perfect to party! The couple entry is INR2k on weekends which includes unlimited alcohol (seemed diluted to me). If you are in a large group, then take VIP coupons and enjoy your drinks. Stag entry is not allowed!
A famous pub that is loosing its charm due to terrible crowd!
Rated 4.9 on Zomato, this place has the perfect food, ambience and crowd. Looking down upon the beautiful Vagator Beach, this is a delightful place for any one looking for an evening to remember.The view of beach is mesmerizing especially during sunset. Saturday nights are usually jam packed, and prior reservation is a must. To begin with, as you enter there is a pathway that would look like a market place to hangout and buy some stuff. You will instantly recognize that the theme is Greek. There is a vibrant vibe about this place which increases more and more you start moving ahead the pathway towards the dinning area. Once at the dinning area you will get the real feel of a place, which is probably one of the best places I have been to dine out. The place is darkly lit and the tables have lanterns to add to the ambiance. If seated towards the seaside, you can have the mesmerizing view of Vagator beach. It is said that during sunset, the sight of the sea across the horizon with the setting sun makes onlookers go awestruck. Although we missed as this as we reached late in the evening, but nonetheless the experience of having dinner at an elevated location and staring at the sea, is simply not to be missed. To make things better, this place hosts live performances which include vegas showgirls, fire acts, etc. This makes sure your time flies by in a blink and you just feel your evening is getting better and better. The bar area is adjacent to the dinning place and you can order your drinks at your table or you may go up to the bar counters if you want. Thalassa, is not just about the amazing ambiance but the food goes hand in hand, which is majorly of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with a wide range of sea food on offer as well. Considering the place is almost always full, the service was really quick and you need not wait much for food to arrive at your table. We had ordered Pasta with white sauce and veg Souvlaki. Both of them were too good to believe and were prepared to win over your taste buds. Once you are done with the performances and the food, as the night sets rolling on, the open area near the bar just transforms into a dance floor which you cannot resist. That's when the party begins, which runs well into the night. We were there till 3:30 in the night and still the place had not died out and the buzz was enough to keep Thalassa's flag fly high. A memorable night to end your last day in goaaa!
The 'capital of hippie culture in Goa' : Arambol is considered to be one of the best beaches in Goa. Very calm, serene and away from the hustle bustle of tourists.
Located near the Tito's lane, this is an economical place to stay in Goa. Book in advance to avoid high charges especially during peak season from November to February.