21 Best places in India for Women solo travel: First-timers

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Traveling as a solo woman, and on top of that as a first-timer is a concern.

A little awareness and conscious effort are key for first-timers.

It is a special moment for everyone who is a first-timer.

The excitement and little safety consciousness in her mind are normal to all.


'Beaches and Ayurveda'

Kovalam : Beaches with low tidal waves and some ayurvedic centers

Photo of Kovalam, Kerala, India by sourabh rodagi


Kashmir of South India

Munnar :beautiful spice plantations, tea gardens

Photo of Munnar, Kerala, India by sourabh rodagi



Pondicherry : Pondicherry is the best place to have a calm time

Photo of Pondicherry, Puducherry, India by sourabh rodagi


Rusty colors and Spectacular landscape

Hampi : peaceful pilgrim location.

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by sourabh rodagi


Beaches and hippies

Gokarna : cheap alternate to goa

Photo of Gokarna, Karnataka, India by sourabh rodagi

Goa : famous for its white-sand beaches and crazy nights.

Photo of Goa, India by sourabh rodagi

So keeping that in mind; I am here to help you with one of the aspects of women solo traveling, The places to visit which are kind of women solo traveling friendly.

Here are a few numbers of destinations across India, which one can consider for solo traveling starting from south to north India.


It is a coastal town in the heart of Kerala, situated 13km from Thiruvananthapuram. It is famous for its Beaches with low tidal waves and some ayurvedic centers. It has quite still water which makes it a perfect place for scuba diving. And it has a lot more to offer.

Places to visit :

1. Samudra Beach

2. Lighthouse Beach

3. Halcyon Castle

4. Hawah Beach

5. Vellayani Lake, Kovalam

6. Water Sports

Nearest railway station: Thiruvananthapuram Central, about 16 km

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 10 km

Best Time VISIT: September to March

Places to visit :

1. Echo Point, Munnar

2. Atukkad Waterfalls

3. Photo Point

4.Tata Tea or KDHP Museum

5. Top Station

6. Pothamedu View Point

Best Time VISIT: September to March


Cultural capital of Karnataka

Mysore : It is known for its rich heritage

Photo of Mysore, Karnataka, India by sourabh rodagi

the city is a perfect blend of royal history and the beautiful nature.

It is known for its rich heritage. Mysore Like other cities is not parted from its heritage, hence making it a must-visit place in India.

The people here are mostly educated and behave with kindness to tourists. And suitable for first-timers.

Places to visit :

1. Mysore Palace

2. Mysore Zoo

3. Somanathapura Temple

4.Brindavan Gardens

5. Chamundeshwari Temple

6. Shuka Vana

Best Time VISIT: July to February

Apart from hustles of the metropolitan cities; Pondicherry is the best place to have a calm time. It is a beautiful blend of Tamil, french and Indian culture.you will never see the same vibes as pondicherry in the country.

This place is mostly occupied by tourists and the local people are busy with their work and they are well mannered with the tourists. So you can have a great time in pondicherry without any worry.

Places to visit :

Paradise Beach


Aurobindo Ashram

Cafes in Pondicherry

Seaside Promenade

Scuba Diving in Pondicherry

Best Time VISIT: October to March

Hampi is the excellent blend of a backpacker’s utopia, surrounded by the three ranges Anjaneya, Malyavanta and Matanga hills, and a peaceful pilgrim location.

Hampi : for adveture geeks

Photo of 21 Best places in India for Women solo travel: First-timers by sourabh rodagi

So if you are the sort of body who admires trekking and receiving something through adventures, Then Hampi is for you.

Places to visit :

1. Virupaksha Temple Hampi

2. Vithala Temple

3. Lotus Palace

4. Hippie Island

5. Hampi Bazaar

6. Yantrodharaka Hanuman Temple

Best Time VISIT: October to February

Gokarna is a Hindu cultured town in Karnataka. It Is known for it's Spectacular and calm beaches and hippies, which will attract many tourists around the world. It is ideal for relax and refreshing vacation.

The local people are well behaved to tourists and if you will ask for any suggestions they will help in all aspects.

Places to visit :

1. Om Beach

2. Mahabaleshwara Temple

3. Paradise Beach

4. Kudle Beach

5. Gokarna Beach

6. Water Sports in Gokarna

Best Time VISIT: October to March


famous for its white-sand beaches and crazy nights.

IT attracts more and more tourists across the country and the world. The town is mostly crowded with foreigners.

Goa has two parts, south and north goa; North ga is a hotspot for night lights and parties, whereas south goa is quite unexplored and with Luxurious resorts and beautiful beaches of Agonda and Palolem.

Goa is the best option for teenagers with a tighter budget. Goa is also famous for it's new year time and goa carnival, offering a great taste of seafood.

Goa is again mostly surrounded by foreigners and localities are quite agreeable with tourists.

Places to visit :

1. Fort Aguada

2. Basilica of Bom Jesus

3. Water Sports in Goa

4.Calangute Beach

5. Baga Beach

6. Cruise in Goa

Best Time VISIT: November to February


The city where you can find women roaming even at mid-night.

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