At The Age Of 11, I Did My First Snorkeling

11th Feb 2016
Photo of At The Age Of 11, I Did My First Snorkeling by Mehek Syed

I was in my 6th standard last year, when we first went to Andaman Islands. My dad had given us a surprise by booking the tickets to Port Blair, but telling us of it at the nth hour. It was in deed a well kept secret, which he maintained till the last minute.

On 9th February,we were supposed to go to Chennai to board the Air India flight to Port Blair, but we did not know about it. On 8th February,he casually asked us to pack our bag for a week of vacation without telling us where we were going. We could not contain our excitement, but my dad was adamant not to reveal the cat out of the bag and that made us even more excited. He was determined not to tell us where we were headed to, till we reached Chennai.

On reaching Chennai on 10th, he told us, that we would be boarding the Air India flight to Port Blair in the early hours of 11th i.e., the next day.

WOW,I was flying like a cloud,among the clouds,both literally and figuratively. Smiles were written on the faces of our whole family. We reached Port Blair at 07:10 am. I could not believe my senses.

On day one,we saw the local sight seeing in Port Blair and that evening we headed to Ross Island.

On day two,we went to Havelock Island and spend our day in the most cleanest beach called Radhanagar Beach. It was awesome.

On day three,it was the turn of Jollybuoy Island, and it was here I had the experience of my life time. Truly Awesome. I did snorkeling here. Something that even my mother was afraid to do,I did it at the age of 11. The fear of water was there initially,but when we ventured with the help of our guide at Jollybuoy Island,all fears were let loose. Today,I don't fear the vast expanse of water anymore.

Thank you Dad!

What are you waiting for girls,go pester your dads and have a blast!