People love to go on trips,so do I. But sometimes you go on trips you might never have thought of.

Day 1

We were heading back to our college which is on the outskirts of Jaipur. It was just me and a friend of mine,we were in the local roadways bus,engrossed in a very intense conversation. We were so engrossed that we did not realize that we had crossed our college until the conductor came and asked us where do we get off. I told him the name of my college and he looked very surprised. We asked him what happened and he told us we had come 50 Kms ahead of it. He asked us to get down at the next stop and take a bus back to our college. We got down at the next stop which was a railway crossing. It was an abandoned place,there was no one except the station master and a small boy selling cigarettes. We asked the boy as to when will the next bus come,he said in 15-20 minutes. We kept standing there for about half an hour, we walked on the tracks, through the fields came back,but still no trace of any bus. Then we finally went to the station master,he dropped this bomb on our head,he told us that the last bus had left an hour back. We did not know what to do,where to go,whom to call. And we were standing in the middle of no where, not knowing where to go. Finally the station master told us that we will have to walk for 2 Kms to a near by petrol pump to find any conveyance. Two girls with a hell lot of luggage,started walking in the scorching heat. When we finally reached the petrol pump,the only conveyance we got was a tractor. So we sat down on the hay and got dropped to a near by village,from where we had to take a jeep to the next village. The jeep ride was another adventure, the jeep was so crowded, people were sitting in it, on it and they were hanging from it as well,yes they were. With an occupancy of 10 people it was actually carrying 20-25 people. We got to meet all sorts of people, ladies with Pallus hanging covering their entire face, Ammas citing in the front with a beedi in their hand and swag rolling all over them. Men with turbans the size of a watermelon and insanely amazing beards. We were finally dropped of to the nearest village to our college,from where we walked to our college, a 1 Km walk. And as our college was approaching, our smiles were broadening. We did not want this journey to end. It was one of the most amazing adventure anyone could possibly go on. It was one hell of a day. Even today when I think about it, I can't stop grinning.