Night in Thar Dessert

8th Feb 2018
Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal

Jaisalmer is the place comes into our mind when we talk about Thar Dessert because the city is located in the dessert. There are plenty of dessert safari camps that provide you luxurious facilities in thar dessert. But for me to stay in dessert means to stay away from all the modern world.
I started my research to find such people who provide me actual stay in dessert. Fortunately i found a man who organize such dessert camps. Let me tell you how i spent my NIGHT IN THAR DESSERT.
I stayed in Swan Hostel which is owned by Dilbar. He organized my dessert camp. So it started from the hostel itself. They provided a Jeep which will drop me to the Kanoi village. I was not the alone in the Jeep. We were 4 actually. One man was from Netherlands and two girls were from Australia and Me. They were actually my roommates in the hostel. We departed from hostel at 2 pm. It was one and half hour journey to the kanoi. From kanoi, we changed our ride to CAMELS.

Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal

How was the camel ride? - It's always bump ahead😅.

For almost 2 hours, we rode on camel. It was a bit tired experience for me on camel. But finally we reached to the sand dunes.

Photo of Sam Sand Dunes, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India by Krunal Jajal

First time I was seeing sand dunes. The sand was so small that it move even in light wind blow. There was not a single person in that area other than us.
There were two camel drivers with us. They were our guide and cook too.😂 After reaching the night stay point, they told us to hang around in the sand while they prepare tea and snacks.
We sat on one of the sand dune to enjoy sunset. Watching sun going down while talking to strangers is one of the most satisfying moment. Actually it become my hobby!.

Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal
Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal

We had snacks and tea after watching beautiful sunset. Then our Camel drivers became busy making dinner for us. And we became busy with knowing each other more. The one thing i learned that day is people are same in every part of the world. The only differences are  language and living style. We had our tasty rajasthani dinner.
After dinner, we lit up camp fire because the night was getting colder and dark. We were aware that there is no tent for us for sleeping , so we have to sleep in open sky. We talked a lot about different cultures and people around the world because we all were experienced travellers. It was one of the best talks i had.

Now it's time to sleep. And this is how we slept😜🚺⬇⬇⬇⬇

Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal
Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal

The night was colder than i thought it whould be. But they gave us enough bed sheets that can bear cold. It was one of the best experience i ever had sleeping under the open sky watching stars.
We slept so deeply that we missed sunrise in the morning.

Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal

The camel driver was preparing breakfast when we woke up. We had our breakfast and preparing to leave the place before sun goes up. We sat on our camel and headed towards the road. The two hours journey in previous evening became just of half an hour in the morning because we were running out of time.

Photo of Night in Thar Dessert by Krunal Jajal

It was a lifetime experience for me.
Thanks to Dilbar who organized the trip.
Thanks to my fellow travelers
Thanks to camels.
Thanks to beautiful sunset.
Thanks to the dessert.