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1st Sep 2016
Day 3

Needless to say Dawki is packed with awesome landsacape and view. Early rise from shnong pdeng you will take a 30 minutes ride upto Kudengthymmai a starting point for Trekking . Before your feets starts the walk feel afresh with a deep dive in a Natural swimming pool. Then proceed towards the beautiful downhill walks you will You will come across a breathtaking view of a rootbridge then on you will arrived at a small village by the name of Kudengrim. Take a rest for a refreshment and another hour trekking you will arrived at another village called Nongbareh. Proceed downhill you will witness its majestic green covers presence and a panaromic view of another remote village called Amkoi. Another 30 mins walk rest a while beside a small river freshen up yourself and here the end of the trekking.

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Day 2

Krem Stu is located about Pynursla is one of Meghalaya beautiful attractions. It’s the best place for a holiday to those who are seeking a quiet time in a rural setting. At about 4.75 Km from Pynursla on the road to Dawki, a footpath on the right leads to a spacious valley where a river sinks in the limestone at the bottom of an approximately 30 to 40m high sandstone cliff is a delightful little wave of 1921m of surveyed length. The cave could be entered through a 10m drop or through a crawl through a collapse to reach a confusion of 5m boulders with several possible climbs to a wide but flat riverbed which runs into a large rift passage which continues horizontally. A succession of drops leads into a south westerly waterfall series which terminates in several wide but low and finally mud and sand filled sumps. A crawl through the lower gives access to the upstream Eurasian tunnel which runs into the terminal Stal Chamber in the far north east. This entire exploration takes about 3 hours to complete.

Day 3– Trekking – Cliff Jumping at Dawki.

Day 1

Head to Krem Mawmluh which is situated approximately half a kilometre west of Cherrapunjee adjacent to the small hamlet of Mawmluh from which the cave takes its name. This is the 4th longest cave in the Indian sub continent. With a total length of over 7kms of cave passages, it contains passages much of which are fine river passages of impressive proportions, calcite formations of various kinds, massive avens, waist deep pools, few metres of belly crawl and few climbs. Here you will experienced horizontal caving techniques. Exploring the entire cave takes about 5 hrs from the starting point depending on your fitness level.

Day 2 – Krem Stu (Pynursla)

Photo of Elephant Falls, Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Roger Ferdinand Chyne
Photo of Elephant Falls, Shillong, Meghalaya, India by Roger Ferdinand Chyne

Meghalaya is blessed with astonishing beautiful caves which were carved out of Limestones deposits. It is globally recognized in the International Caving with some outstanding sub-continents longest and deepest caves, besides also having the longest sandstone cave. Caving is a strenuous sports caving, with a basic fitness level required for such adventurous trail. A combination of climbing and hiking techniques and besides re-learning how to crawl will be required. You will develop most of these skills by actively participating in cave trips with experienced cavers and watching how they move their body through spaces of varying sizes and shapes. Defenitely, you will also learn what not to do by making mistakes and suffering a few bumps and bruises along the way. If you haven't been caving yet or are still a beginner this is the place to start.

Basic caving technique and equipment, and some basic safety and cave conservation tips will be provided and brief by our Team before the exploration begins.

Day 1 – Krem Mawmluh (Sohra) - Horizontal cave