Motorcycling in & around Ladakh

15th Jul 2014
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 1/11 by Move
Ruts can be exciting too!
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 2/11 by Move
A Gold Rush like no other.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 3/11 by Move
The tiniest glimpse of nature is more grand than anything
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 4/11 by Move
Whoever said motorbike is meant for tarmac, probably never rode one.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 5/11 by Move
The most perfect bed to make love to your bike.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 6/11 by Move
Friends come in all shapes, sizes and colors.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 7/11 by Move
There are delicacies more shahi than paneer.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 8/11 by Move
Partners needn’t be equal. They need to be understanding.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 9/11 by Move
Julley will always qualify as the perfect ice breaker.
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 10/11 by Move
The neighbors wont mind you pitching a house in their lawns
Photo of Motorcycling in & around Ladakh 11/11 by Move
The prayer flag is a colorful pride for every rider

You may have been to the moon and back but you can’t call yourself a traveler if you haven’t been here. Ladakh is that rite of passage which makes men out of boys. Here’s what I learnt from it.

Aligarh- Ladakh:
And Return:

Enjoy :)


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