Perfect Pondicherry

30th Oct 2015

The best starting point to reach Pondicherry is Chennai. The entire road trip on the ECR(East Coast road) is a beautiful experience. The ECR has lots to offer while you are driving towards Pondicherry. Along the ECR you find Amusement parks, Resorts, Lakes, Beaches, Farms and what not. Pondicherry was an unforgettable experience and so was the drive on ECR. You also cross the holy town of Mahabalipuram also called Mahamallapuram. It is one of the prominent heritage sites of India. The stay in Auro Ba cottages, The sight seeing of artisans crafting the beautiful ornmanets, The sunset at the paradise beach, the silence at the Matri Mandir, The adventure of water sports and forest walkways in Auroville town. The dining on the promenade, the lunch at the special Surguru hotel and the shopping on the street. Pondy was great to me!!!

Auroville is a spiritual town at the outskirts of Pondicherry. It houses maximun number of french expatriates who run cultural and spiritual centers. Auro Ba is a beach side cottage resort. Each cottage is in the form of huts each having ground and first floor. Staying in huts is an awaesome experience all together. We feel all time connected to nature and enjoy an inexplicable adventurous stay. Better to stay away from fancy glittery rooms with all amenities and take up something that soothes our mind body and soul.

Matri Mandir - Mandir in Hindi refers to a place of worship. Matri Mandir is a spiritual place in auroville. People here come to experience the silence within themselves, thronging for peace. Here, we can see a lot of people walking between the woods with utmost silence. It also has a golden ball structure where people meditate and practice self consciousness. The pathway to golden ball is very adventurous. It also has a complex where museums display historical colonical belongings.

Promenade is a beach side luxury Hotel cum restaurant that serves delicious French, Italian , Mexical and continental cravings. It's a bit on a costly side, however, if luxury is something that preludes you, then Promenade is a top chart.

If mouth watery North and South Indian food is what you like, then, Surguru is the best choice. With an awesome ambiance and being one of the best restaurants in town, I am sure your visit here will be one of the best experiences of Pondicherry.

A trip to Pondicherry is never complete without the blessings of the Mother. It is believed that Aurbindo's Mother's memorial has been showering blessings on the holy town of pondicherry from ages. The Ashram houses a museum and a memorial. Must Visit.

PARADISE BEACH is one of the most beautiful beaches of pondicherry. It is also called as Island beach because the shore is just a tiny Island. There are government owned ferries that take you to the Island for a fee. I don't remember the exact charge, but ya it's nominal. Once you reach the beach you can visualize a complete panaroma of crystal clear waters, giving a feeling of paradise as the name tells so. Spend a good time with friends and family and come back to the city using the same ferry service. You also have water sports like speed boats, water scooter and the like.

Want to wintness the artisans and their work , Then Auroville Town offers you the most. You find all sorts of hand made eco friendly products being developed and crafted here. Right from small bags to Hammocks , from ceramic utensils and plates to large idols.

Pondicherry is a Fashion town as well. You have sunday markets , huge malls and complexes . The best thing is to shop on road side shops where you get all the garments, fashion accessories at a cheaper prize with good quality. JN street, MG Road are the shopping streets in Pondy.

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