Breeze Through Himachal - Jibhi, Manali, Prashar

21st Jul 2019

Breeze through Himachal

Photo of Breeze Through Himachal - Jibhi, Manali, Prashar by Living Unplanned

A video from a 7 day vacation across Himachal - Jibhi, Prashar Lake, Manali.

Day 2
7 days in the hills - Jibhi, Prashar, Manali

Spend a week breezing through the greens of Himachal Pradesh. Discover a hidden pool in Jibhi; Camp at Jwalapur; Trek to Prashar lake; Party at a hostel in Manali, Walk to Solang with new friends and lose yourself in nature.

Day 4

This was what I was up to in July. Churned up this video from my travels to give you a glimpse of what you can experience too. Travel with me and my Himachali friends. Explore Jibhi, Prashar and Manali like never before.

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Day 7

The song on the Video is Dream Catcher by Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor - a sort of anthem in Himachal Pradesh. Everyone's listening to this song. I was sitting in a cafe in Vashisth where someone was playing this and it got recorded in the video. When I started editing this video, Dreamcatcher emerged as an obvious choice for background music. Thanks to the makers for this super wanderlust track. I heard it a million times while editing and even when I was not editing. I am surprised I haven't got bored of this track. It's just awesome like that.

Video captured on Fuji XT3 and Xiaomi MiA2

Edited on FCP

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