World Tourism Day: Lets Travel More


Travel is all about living and experiencing new surprises each and every moment in life. It can be from a beautiful sunset to an horrible day where we are left stranded in a no man's land. Every Moment is special and makes us hold on to it throughout our life. On this special Day of World Tourism Day I would like to share a small photo blog to inspire my co-travelers around the globe with few of the memorable pics from the best trips taken in my life so far.

Surprised by the Calmest Beach of Goa during my first visit to Goa in 2011. This was the first trip i went with my own earning, this trip is always the special one in life. #momentsoflife#Goa

Photo of Palolem Beach, Goa by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Witnessing the first snowfall in life from the windows of my apartment during my official trip to Brussels in 2012. One of the most memorable and emotional day in life, still remember the roar of sound i made seeing the snow. Still laugh remembering the moments.

Photo of Brussels, Belgium by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Friday night and Paris!!Nothing makes it more spectacular and romantic. But being hopeless single on a friday night in romantic city is not a great thing to remember. Moment in 2012 to nourish.

Photo of Paris, France by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Windmills, beautiful Canals, European buildings, it was a great place to walk and explore this beautiful small city in Netherlands.(Travel-2012)

Photo of Rotterdam, Netherlands by Naveen Issac Immanuel

First International church Visit and Prayers from Bishop of Bulgarian church was very heartwarming. (Sofia- 2014)

Photo of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Lossi plats, Tallinn, Estonia by Naveen Issac Immanuel

2015 October when we plan on thursday night and go friday to Karwar. Calm and beautiful place near Goa, where i had an opportunity to click of the beautiful Kurumgad Island

Photo of Karwar, Karnataka, India by Naveen Issac Immanuel

After my first camping at Tadiyanmol trek, when we relaxed at a stream of water flowing.(2015)

Photo of Coorg, Karnataka, India by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Infinity Pool and View of the Petronas tower. Nothing can be more special. (Malaysia-2017)

Photo of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Crazy Hangover Night at Bali, where we tried to sneak into an unknown identical villa, lost our wallet with cash. But we got back the wallet with cash from an Australian Lady leaving 2 Villas away and it was her room we tried sneaking in :) Bali is more than beaches!! #moments oflife

Photo of Bali, Indonesia by Naveen Issac Immanuel

When you visit Singapore a pic without Marina Bay is useless. Moment from 2017 travel.

Photo of Singapore by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Magical Andamans provided a very beautiful island called Neil to visit and explore. Natural Bridge was one from this island. (2017 Travel)

Photo of Neil Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Adventurous RIB Boat journey with the loved one along the beautiful fjords of Norway. This was very special and thrilling journey we both loved to the extreme.

Photo of Nærøyfjord, Aurland, Norway by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Small and beautiful historical village spotted en route to Bergen during our trip from Sogndal. It was very picturesque place and could not resist to take a capture of the beauty.

Photo of Skjerjehamn, Ånneland, Norway by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Time to go down the funicular ride after a freezing evening on top of mount floyen. View of City from Train.

Photo of Norway, Bergen, Fløyfjellet, Fløibanen upper station by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Spectacular view of Bergen city from top of Mount floyen on a chilling Autumn evening.

Photo of Fløyen, Bergen, Norway by Naveen Issac Immanuel

Best Airbnb Stay ever and when i could sit like a king to view the Fjords of Norway right next to me.

Photo of Sogndal, Norway by Naveen Issac Immanuel
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