Twin Towers or rather 'the shining towers'

Photo of Twin Towers or rather 'the shining towers' 1/1 by Poonam Soni

I was there, standing and brooding at the pedestal of this huge tower famously known as the "Petronas Twin Towers" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But what was I brooding about? It has been quite a while since I have visited this comely place, or rather say been a couple of years. But this moment is still starstruck in my eyes. It appeared as the diamond studded necklace to me, only if it could be worn around.

I was a little demurred back that time, but being amidst the towers, I noticed certain kind of serenity in there. It almost had carried thousands of people and their lives inside it but it seemed so calm, so placid that the surroundings and I were perfectly conflated. I unknowingly stared at it like a wandered child and just couldn't get over it.

It gave me a sense of confidence, that no matter how many people walk past you, hurt you or the kind of obstacles come across you, in the end you can still come out like a knight in shining armour, you can still come out as in believing yourself again and be strong again.

This beautiful enigmatic experience of just perceiving the opulent twin towers, made me wondered that you never know what kind of an ephemeral life can inspire you in the most astonishing ways.