Valley of God

5th Jun 2015

This article is just showcase my sheer love for mountains in a way amateur traveller and the destination was TOSH. As being a school teacher where you constantly  remind of being discipline, work with certain code and conduct (this surveillance is faced by teachers too) so in my summer vacation I chose to meet the God again. BEING A CITY GIRL where to meet god also you need to donate something but in Himachal GOD is omnipresent and you need this faith to admire the beauty of the place. 

Tosh is the last village of the Parvati valley but reaching is a cake walk in comparison to Malana anyone could trek from barshaini till tosh. The place will welcome you with different cuisine, different music for sure people who have visited malana, lapas will find the difference in the music which is been played in cafes that is dark psychedelic and you will come across a distinct smell of hash and not just smell but taste is unique and fresh . Another fact that makes tosh special  for me was that there is no mobile network and if you want to discover yourself, need a off where you are not controlled by these devices, I still remember that no alarm was needed unlike the city where we snooze our alarms at least 5 times in the morning. 

Tosh can provide ample opportunities for trek as I trekked till Kutla  a small village ahead of Tosh  with population of 2 families and the view that it will provide you the trek for 2 hours (took breaks for selfies) and you will  come across a waterfall where you can just dip in your feet and relax. Moreover the place has bear too and I saw one but don't forget to run off. Where ever you are during the trek take a moment to admire the nature tosh is one of the most trippy place in India take time to acknowledge that. 

In tosh you need warm clothes , a good sun cream , sunglasses and if you are travelling short on money like me try to carry some packaged and non- perishable sort of food stuff with as our Indian rupee is just one rupee with silent Gandhi on it, a TORCH its a must have in Tosh as it's not  a place where you will get electricity  24 hours even if you don't have any of this then also you can survive just need to learn the skills which can only happen by accepting the culture that they follow all that I  could grasp is that these tribes have a distinct way of living and we should not try to annihilate neither assimilate as both process influence the culture. 

Pinki didi where I stayed also know as last cafe resort 360 degree the name says you are in the valley surrounded by mountains . Sometimes you don't need a camera to capture everything the hills and scenic beauty will be fixed in your memory for ever .