Jaisalmer to Tannot Mata

8th Mar 2016

This was an consummately extemporaneous trip................

Day 1

I and 1 of my friend decided to go somewhere, but we both didn't no where. We reached station at around 2 am, I had never sat on a camel before, so we decided we will be going to The Golden city -Jaisalmer.

Train arrived and lets set go.....

Day 2

Around 3 am the next night we reached Jodhpur. The next train to Jaisalmer was 5 hrs later, we had nothing to do so why not explore Jodhpur...yes so we emerged from the station, had some tea and with the avail of google map tried to plan our further trip.

Early morning 6 am we were heading towards the famous Mehrangarh Fort, it is the largest fort in India. It is very near by to Jodhpur railway station, so if you wish to go ambulating you can. The fort is on the mountain peek, we can go ambulating and the vehicles to the fort start by 8 in the morning. We went ambulating because it was early in the morning and we couldn't find any vehicle.

Reached the fort in half n hr and the view was just so astonishing to see. We can see the whole Jodhpur city from the top. The place was so well maintained till date, by seeing that it feels so good that our historic monuments so well taken care of. The Mehrangarh Museum is the place were we can actually feel the history. The Daulat Khana, cannons, The Turban Gallery, paintings, the war related things, the coins, Armoury (different types of swords) and many more.....you will live the history over here. Our site seeing continued with the local market down the streets. The best collection of antiques can be found there, the royalties can be seen in some shops.

Now it was around 2 pm and we left to Jaisalmer by bus. Now we went by bus because on the way view was genuinely worth going by bus. Reached our destination by 7 pm. We searched for a good place to stay. Now while searching for a hotel, you should always ask the local people over there, they can suggest better places to stay. We can stay in Jaisalmer fort, as the place has been converted into hotels. But we didn't got to stay over there because it was consummately booked. Determinately we got one good place to stay.

Photo of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India by Wanderlust_eva
Day 3

The next morning we planned to go to Tannot, 40 km from Jaisalmer, the place has a good history (The story of Tannot Temple is one such miraculous tale when the local deity Tannot Mata didn't let any Pakistani tank bomb explode in both 1965 as well as 1971 wars The legend say that in both wars more than 3,000 bombs were dropped either in the vicinity or while of the temple, but none exploded. And we can see some of those bombs in the Museum built by BSF inside the temple premises. Now the BSF has taken in charge of the temple).We hired a bike and left. The on the way view was something very different which can be seen only there. While on the way to Tannot, we get the "Gabbar ka illaka" Ramgarh, virtually 20 km from Jaisalmer. We took a break over there and again left, these places make us feel as if we our in still our past.

Reached Tannot, the must place to go, you will see many goats over there, which some of the locals over there say these goats never die "Beliefs". We met an ex BSF man, he shared many of his life stories related to wars, I was amazed listening to his stories.

Now we left and reached Jaisalmer, there we went to many tourist places, now i will not miss to mention the Kuldhara village(haunted place),' you will definitely not experience anything weird during day but during night, you may', this is what we got to know from the localities, actually we had some problem with our bike on the way and there we met some politician, really very helpful man, who warned us going there as we were planning to go there at night. After listening to the stories my body got freezed, really lucky we met him. Evening we went to the sand dunes, the camel safari, the tent, Rajasthani folk dancers, Rajasthani thali, such a different and exciting experience i had.

Day 4

The next morning, hotel guy dropped us till railway station. There was no direct train from Jaisalmer, so we had to go to Bikaner. Reached Bikaner afternoon 2 pm, we explored the locals market over there and had some famous bikaner sweets and namkeens.

If planning for a bike trip then do experience the ride from Jaisalmer to Tannot, I am sure you will definitely love that moment.

This trip was something very different from all my trips till now, i experienced faith, the belief, the pride of our Indian Army, the Dessert life,the scare..........i missed the pictures of my trip so couldn't share.

“Adventure is allowing the unexpected to happen to you. Exploration is experiencing what you have not experienced before. How can there be any adventure, any exploration, if you let somebody else - above all, a travel bureau - arrange everything before-hand?”

― Richard Aldington, Death of a Hero