27th Oct 2017
Photo of NORTH INDIA TRIP by seema navale
Day 1

Yipeeeeee , Finally jolting down one of our awesome trips which I went with my group recently .

The trip was only planned and finally it got implemented after goibibo monsoon sale , thank you goibio . And six of us decided to join this trip we started our trip by booking our round trip tickets from Bengaluru to Delhi for 9 days.

After this booking our plan was for North India trip , which places to cover and all 6 of us have to get convinced to this iternary whatever we were planning .A lot of debate was seen in mails.Then we all met in one of our frens home and decided the iternary after checking everyone's interest and

budget.Did a lot of youtubing and travel blog search finally concluded with the iternary .

So Our plan was to cover Delhi then golden triangle Haridwar , Rishikesh,Amritsar and back to delhi and then home.Let me not waste more time and start with our trip .

Flight from bengaluru was at 4.30 am on 27th october .We already had shopped and had a bag of 15kg with some empty bags so that we can carry it while returning .

6 of us 3 gals 3 guys .Only one pair is husband and wife rest all are friends .

We reached Delhi around 7.30am and planned to reach our place so hired meru taxi.Its little expensive.Try to board metro if you know the place well .

We had booked oyo rooms near birla temple .So we had booked 2 rooms one for gals and one for guys with 3 each .Oyo had taken the reservation but the hotel said they cant accomadate 3 each .

It has to be 2 per or one person on floor .This is really weird but true .So we called up oyo there was no help , they just said sorry no support was given .We had to cancel our earlier bookings and book 3 rooms with extra amount of 2000.It was really a bad start.Somehow we started our trip .Hotel receptionist helped us in booking a taxi 6 seater from 10.30 t 6 pm to do Delhi darshan for 2000 rs.

Our trip started we had breakfast in hotel itself paratha and poori , both were just ok types.

Our first point was Rashtrapathi bhawan, on the way Birla mandir[ though we just saw it from car],Parliament : here we got down and took some snaps.Its gives a very good feeling if you are patriot , nice buildings.Then we could see road opposite to parliament INDIA GATE.The first view was bit foggy [ lot of pollution smoggy i think]It is really beautiful and proud to see INDIA GATE and the names of various soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us ,Proud moment .This place was also crowded.You can take some good snaps here.

Photo of Delhi, India by seema navale

Then the driver took us to some textile place , this we were not interested as he mentioned on the way we went.If you dont want to buy anything you can skip this.Then we went to Qutub Minar.

It is a nice monument .But hard to take pic with full Qutub minar and a clear pic of ours .

There are nice places nearby to take a look .

Now we were damn hungry , driver told us he knows very good hotel and i think he had a deal with the hotel people and took us there.This hotel was not that good .To serve us water aafter telling 5times after 30mins water was served .Food was ok types.Though my friends were telling I always ended up wrong eating places in Delhi.Then we went to Lotus temple and finally we had asked driver to drop us at Akshardham last stop.Lotus temple is good and calm place you can spend some 30mins .Then after this driver said he would charge us extra 400 for akshardham. We were really freaked why he started doing all this natak .He said he had to go on highway.So we asked if there is a toll.No there is no toll but he wants us to pay more.He was really insane .We called hotel people, they asked him to drop us without any more extra amount , he started fighting with them.We got pissed and finally ended by giving him 300 bucks extra.Guys be careful with the taxi guys and note down the meter when you start and end trip .Also be clear which all places are covered.How can someone visit Delhi and miss visiting Akshardham.

After the fight the view of Akshardham calmed us.We had to keep all mobiles in the counter, before that we had to book our cab to our next day trip to Golden triangle .We got good deal in savari app.Finally we went inside Akshardham. It is a really beautiful place and art and fine work has to be appreciated in each and every corner of it .Its like you have landed in some dream land.

We missed the time to take tickets for some show , but managed to get tickets for fountain show.

This is also worth watching , dont miss it .Also a group pic infront of the Akshardham temple which they give us as hardcopy [100rs] is must have .

Day 2

Inside Akshardham there are lot of cafe and eateries , so we had nice food and finally headed to metro station and huuh we were damn tired and slept off , as we had to start our next day trip of golden triangle .Next day destination was Jaipur.

We started from the hotel by 6.30 am our journey to Jaipur.We reached hotel in Jaipur around 12pm .We checked into the hotel.This hotel was near Amber area. The hotel also had some look of palace and big enough .This had a pool as well so since it was pretyy hot we just jumped into the pool .After pool we quickly ordered our food in the hotel only and everyone got ready .Our plan was to visit Jalmahal [ outside view ], Hawamahal , City Palace , Jantar mantar if possible and some shopping .

Jal mahal street view has many people with the authentic Rajasthani dress which they provide for rent [50rs] and take the photo .There were many colorful umbrellas , very cute ones which you can buy for a bargain for 150rs. Then we headed towrds the city Palace ,it is a beautiful place giving the pink city view and finally we could visit only Hawa Mahal as they have entry timings which will be closed by 4.30,Plan accordingly as per your priorities.Finally after enquiring we found out GT towers is good place for shopping , we had some yummy lassi and started towards the GT towers .

Photo of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by seema navale

We had entered the wrong address and we ended up 20km outside city so had to just have food and started to hotel .Our shopping was flop show.Then next day our plan was to cover Amber Fort and LMB restaurant for lunch [authentic Rajasthani food].

We started by 9 to Amber Fort and reached the Fort.Its a very beautiful fort which on the hills.I read somewhere that it took them 25 years to build this .Things to do here is to do elephant ride [1100rs for two ppl] which is very nice to have this Royal Feeling as the elephant climbs the hill all the way from down.Then we headed to LMB had yummy food and started to Aagra .

Photo of NORTH INDIA TRIP by seema navale
Day 3

So we continued in our cab which had booked .We reached Fatehpur Sikri by 5.30 [due to some jam at a toll ].Be careful at this place , its a bit weird but try not to fall for guides , People are ready to be guide even for 10rs. They follow you all the way till the place for 10rs. The Monument is nice we had to agree to guide otherwise many others were cribbing. Looking at the monument it looks like all your history classes description was true and alive .I found many kids also cribbing to tell small poems .But log galey hi pad jaate hai they are very much chipku people, just be careful there is no security as such here am not sure why though.We reached hotel and had our dinenr in a restaurant nearby and cehcked the timings of TajMahal 6am -6pm .

So we all started early [ anyone planning should do this ] and reached Place took our tickets .

Photo of The City of Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh, India by seema navale

You can walk your way from the ticket place or there are some govt buses also. We walked , and that glimpse of Taj Mahal durse hi Fan hogaya. Aww what a beautiful monument .I would tell you the beauty cant be described in words , you should see and feel this moment.As we reached early there were less people luckily we good get some good snaps .India is having such buildings and we had still not seen .And I finally took a small Tajmahal idol and a colorful small umbrella which i missed buying in Jaipur and checked out from the hotel .Also bought Aagra famous Peta sweet.We also went to Aagra Fort , which is worth visiting .

Photo of Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India by seema navale
Day 4

Next our plan was to reach Delhi via Mathura .Krishna bhgwan ji ke janm sthal[birthplace of Krishnaji]We reached it was not that crowded , it was really peacefull to take Darshan of Krishnaji

Reached Delhi had food and next plan was to board Haridwar train which was at 6.30am shatabdi next day .The day we booked flight tickets after a week we had done traing bookings from Delhi to haridwar .Haridwar to Amritsar and back to delhi.

Day 5

We all got up at 4 and finally got ready and reached the Railway station[ndls]and as it is Shatabdi we had breakfast also served in this .We reached Haridwar by 12.30 pm

Our actual destination was Rishikesh so this is nearly 20kms from Haridwar and we had to reach a camp called Aspen where we booked our stay .We had got a good deal from them [stay +rafting =5500 per head].We booked 3 tents .Each tent comes with attached bathroom and people are really friendly and heplful .I would suggest you to go here .Stream flows just beside the camp and what an experience to stay here .So back to haridwar railway station , two of my friends went to book a cab to Rishikesh and finally we got one after lot of bargaining for 2200.On the way its a beautiful view , but we sensed that water level was less , so we were worried that we dint come in wrong season .I will clarify this season doubt once we go to rafting.

Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by seema navale

So we Reached aspen camp and food was ready , checked into our tents.we were asked to be ready by 4 so that we will be taken to a falls .[nature walk for 5km ] It was small falls.And we had to book 3 two wheelers for next day as we felt cab would be pretty expensive and a very adventures feeling to drive two wheelers in this road.Where one side of road is mountain and other side is river.

We saw the view near our tents so we could not stop ourself from running and playing there and we finally some how managed to go to the falls as well. Night we ad camp fire and starters and good food served .It is an awesome experience to spend night Pahado ke beech , stary sky dreamy right .It was also too cold take some jackets.No network at all , but luckily they had wifi some how managed to book Jumping Heights booking for bunjee[ for our last day ].This is as awesome experience please do this without fail.

Day 6

Next day we were all planned to do our Rafting adventure so we all got ready had breakfast and please wear some tight and pants which are suitable for rafting and we started by 10am towards our place we had chosen level 4 22km rafting .I told you right its adventure to drive and i made first shree ganesh by falling on the mountain side and freaking others , happens sometimes short gal problems my leg was not reaching the ground when i reached the other corner it was too deep.

Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by seema navale

No one was hurt a got a small cut on my leg thats it .And yeah on the route to Rafting we got to know the water which we felt is less is nearly 80-100ft deep and i bet its true .From far we thought its wrong season all doubts were clarified when we rafted.So we started and our instructor told us the do's and donts and forward , bakward and stop commands .There were 8 rapids in this ride.Our instrauctor told us first one is small rapid its called hidden mouse something and no one falls here and we are very mahan , we made our debut here lol.And the boat almost toppled all fell inside the water Ganga maiya ki jai except two instructor and one of my friend Suppi.

We had two groups which were rafting one was ours , there was another 6 members group also .

When we fell in water ill tell you i really thought am gone , as somehow all got in and I was the last one to get in .It was really freaky on top of that due to force of water even my pant was coming out .Luckily managed to hold it .And the experience was awesome .Then we rafted well in all the other rapids except in one of golf rapid there one of our friend mad second debut.There was body surfing for stretch of 1-2 km where we voluntarily jumped in water and were holding rope and could move with boat.

Just before the rafting ends there is cliff jumping and break to eat maggie .Most of my frens jumped though i freaked out .But please try this its nice experience .Finally we reached the shore and took our video [instructor had gopro cam on his head ] after a bargain of 1500 we got it .

Then we went to camp by two wheeler had our lunch and headed towards , Laxman and Ram Juhla .We also wanted to attend the Ganga Aarthi. The Jhula really shakes and there are two wheeler moving on this imagine. We got confused as many places Ganga aarthi is done , so finally went to Parmarth where actual Ganga Arthi is done .It was pretty divine to see this .Finally reached our camp .And we had done the bunjee booking for all [ irrespective of people freaking for height].

Day 7

So Next day we all woke up with our freaking dreams of Rope getting cut during Bunjee and all finally headed to nature walk which the camp had arranged us .Then finally we had breakfast packed our bags and got ready for bunjee .Bunjee timing -9.39am-4pm.Please plan early as it depends how many people are in queue for this activity.

We had booked a cab this day as we had to visit bunjee and also we had to reach rishikesh .This cab we bargained for 2000 deal was to drop us at Railway station , also to cover any place on the way.We reached Jumping heights and twice we used restrooms .And since there was a queue we planned to do flying fox and did this .Flying fox 1800+bunjee 3500+750 for video .

Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by seema navale

Flying fox was also pretty cool , till we reach the ground .After that its normal .WE did it in sets of 3 each .and then our final adventure Bunjeee and we headed towards that place .We saw few people doing it and finally decided which style to jump.I was 4th one in the group and remember they give just two attempts if you dont jump your money is gone and no more jump also .Once I reached the place to jump all my styles went in air ,its freaking height damn it .Somehow the instuctor was too cool to convince me to jump Thanks to him.And the experience is awesome guys .Just go for it .We had a experience for lifetime.Now time to vacate Rishikesh say good bye to camp after having lunch .It was bit nostalgic while coming out of this place .Though we were already having pyukish feeling due to Bunjee upside down

Reached Haridwar temple in the evening and believe me there was no space at all to see the aarthi people had climbed on whatever they get and was very crowded.There is mansa devi temple where they commute by cale car , it takes 3hrs we could not do this.Luckily could get some glimpses of the divine Ganga Aarthi .After this we had food in some South Indian hotel near railways station and said Good bye to Haridwar .Next boarded the train to Amritsar .

We reached Amritsar by 7.30 am in the morning .Two of our expert frens[ giri and shantu ] again went to book rooms as we wanted early checkin.Then we got some good one nearby we got ready and had breakfast walked all the way to Golden temple [ idhar hi hai idhar hi hai , it was so much to walk ].Please take auto .This temple is peaceful and divine and then we went to Jalian wala bagh , here we can sense how much our freedome fighters have struggled for the country's freedoem which we should be proud of.Then we had took our parcel from MCD and headed towards the Wagah border in auto .We reached there by 3 pm.You need to keep your bags outside on a thaila stands and head towards Wagah some 2km walk . Then We can see the border separated by gate and both countries flag and people .There are good shows being done by both the sides .

Day 8
Photo of Amritsar, Punjab, India by seema navale

Finally we headed towards a authentic Punjabi food in Amritsar Kesar dha Dhaba .The Lassi is must have and food was tasty.Finally we checked out and had train at 9.30pm to Delhi.

Day 9

We reached Delhi .Our expert frens again booked hotel and we headed to hotel got ready .two of us wanted to shop rest wanted to take rest. So we went to some shopping and others went to red fort.Shopping I went to Cannught place but wrongly ended up in Palika .Though here also you can shop not that many options.I also went to Tibetian market , this is good .I missed going to Lajpat nagar .Finally headed to hotel and checked out and reached Airport just on time .Yeah with all the awesome memories and experiences and heading back to Benagluru reached by 2.30 am .Thanking All my trip mates Boss , Shanthu, Giri ,Suppi ,Praveen to making this trip a memorable one.

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