10 Routes Across The World That You Need To Bookmark For Cheap Flight Deals In 2020!


If you are reading this, chances are that you love travelling as much as I do. And if this is true, you will also agree with the fact that there aren't enough flight booking operators on the internet who truly understand the psyche of a wanderer.

I recently stumbled upon a website called Skyscanner (many of you might have already heard of it) where I can use a whole lot of filters while booking flight tickets, that I can't anywhere else. In fact, some of the features are so cool that I conceded to admit that the website understood me better than I ever could. Skyscanner allows wanderers like me to book a flight to anywhere in the world offering cheap flight deals with the utmost convenience and the least number of steps. All my headache is now theirs.

The 'Get Price Alerts' Feature

Amidst the many cool features on the website and the app, this is the coolest of the lot. Airline prices keep going up and down, and when the prices of these cheap flight deals drop further for various reasons on your desired route, Skyscanner will notify you on your e-mail ID so you can book the best prices possible.

To give you some examples of how Skyscanner offers the best flight deals on the internet, here are the 10 best flight routes across the world that you can bookmark for 2020:

The top cheap flight deals

Credits: YouTut

Photo of Sri Lanka by Prateek Dham

Our exotic neighbours are largely overlooked for the more popular, but far less alluring destinations in South Asia. Colombo is beautiful.

Best Time to Visit: Anytime except between June and September.

Things to Do: Visit the National Museum of Colombo. Offer your prayers at the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple.

Read more about Colombo.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 4,381.

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'Get Price Alerts' on this route.

Credits: Ramon Boersbroek

Photo of Malaysia by Prateek Dham

The Malaysian capital offers everything in abundance, but it is especially famous for its party culture. You need to experience it to believe it.

Best Time to Visit: December to February. June to September.

Things to Do: Visit the Petronas Twin Towers. Shop at the Bukit Bintang market.

Read more about Kuala Lumpur.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 8,862.

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'Get Price Alerts' on this route.

Credits: Roberto Trombetta

Photo of Thailand by Prateek Dham

There is so much to do in the Thai capital that you'll run out of days but not new experiences. Replete with fantastic street food, Buddhist temples and nightclubs, it's a gorgeous melange.

Best Time to Visit: June to February.

Things to Do: Visit the opulent Grand Palace. Pray at the riverside temple Wat Arun.

Read more about Bangkok.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 10,228.

Credits: Francisco Anzola

Photo of Qatar by Prateek Dham

It's a city in the making right now, thanks to the impending football world cup in 2022. Now is your chance to witness all the big changes besides the old charm of the oil-rich capital of Qatar.

Best Time to Visit: November to April.

Things to Do: Visit the world-renowned Museum of Islamic Art. Shop for souvenirs at the Souq Waqif.

Read more about Doha.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 17,070.

Credits: Maya Puspita

Photo of Indonesia by Prateek Dham

If we count the greatest metros of the world, the Indonesian capital would be right up there with the best. It is full of contrasts that are urban as well as traditional, and it does ample justice to both of them.

Best Time to Visit: October to April, May to September.

Things to Do: Say your prayers at the uniquely modern Istiqlal Mosque. Visit the National Museum of Indonesia.

Read more about Jakarta.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 9,323.

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'Get Price Alerts' on this route.

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Photo of Singapore by Prateek Dham

Singapore has reinvented itself to one of the world's hottest go-to destinations and it's a totally deserved pedestal. It has wild national parks and some of the best shopping markets, besides the delectable street food.

Best Time to Visit: Whole year.

Things to Do: All cinema fans must visit the Universal Studios. Just chill at the Sentosa Beach.

Read more about Singapore.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 13,561.

Credits: Patrick

Photo of Egypt by Prateek Dham

One of the cradle cities of the whole world, Alexandria was founded by Alexander the Great and was once the seat of Cleopatra too. This is a must-visit destination in Egypt, besides Cairo.

Best Time to Visit: September to November, March-April.

Things to Do: Visit the Alexandria National Museum. Get an insight into Egyptian history at the Pompey's Pillar.

Read more about Alexandria.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 19,389.

Credits: ConstantinAB

Photo of United States by Prateek Dham

The Big Apple is everything that you've imagined and a lot more. It is the epicentre of arts, development and culinary inventions; you can spend the best times of your life here.

Best Time to Visit: January to August. December.

Things to Do: Visit the iconic Statue of Liberty. Experience art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Read more about New York.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 46,448.

Credits: Richard Giles

Photo of Australia by Prateek Dham

Perth is a developed city with the feel of a tier-two town. Everyone is laid-back and hospitable and won't even mind buying you a drink at one of the myriad bars across the street.

Best Time to Visit: September to November.

Things to Do: Visit the Art Gallery of Western Australia if you're a connoisseur. For those who appreciate good wine, Swan Winery is a must-visit.

Read more about Perth.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 26,741.

Credits: Moyan Brenn

Photo of France by Prateek Dham

The city of love and arts & culture. You'd be lying if you say Paris is not on your bucketlist of dream destinations.

Best Time to Visit: June to August.

Things to Do: Visit the Eiffel Tower and get yourself clicked in front of it. There's also the Louvre Museum of Art for advanced connoisseurs.

Read more about Paris.

Current cheapest price for return journey: Rs. 29,952.

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'Get Price Alerts' on this route.

You can obviously also choose routes different from the ones mentioned above. In order to activate the 'Price Alerts' feature, you need to pick the flight and price that suits you and book your tickets at the very next step. Then you need to click on the magical blue button on the top left called "Get Price Alerts".

Although you will already have the cheapest flight tickets available on the internet, you can still wait for them to drop further. And by clicking on this button and opting for price alerts from Skyscanner, you will be notified whenever that happens.

They'll mail you whenever there's a price drop in these cheap flight deals in the future. And they don't spam, trust me.

If these prices and features have got your excited already, then you can check out their website right away.

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