All your favorite Travel Songs at One Place - Collection 2020 #RoadTrip

23rd Jun 2020
Photo of All your favorite Travel Songs at One Place - Collection 2020 #RoadTrip by TheHimalayanGypsy

I have tagged the locations along the songs as well so that you know where they were shot, while creating this blog even I was shocked to see some of the locations they've shot these songs at. Check all of them and show some love!

A perfect song for your pilgrimage.

Qaafirana for the lovely mountains

Road trip with this Karwaan song is a magic to ears!

This is a must listen, though the movie didn't do so well.

No words for this!!

The melody in her voice is all you wanna hear!

Mohit Chauhan's woody voice and this song...Love to ears!

Again a road trip and Ranbir Kapoor favorite!

Aha!!!!! Lucky Ali is Love!

Some 90's classics for your voyage!

Lucky Ali - My personal favorite!

Kitnii Haseeeeen Zindagiiii hai ye!!!!

Ooo Sanammmmm--- Lucky Ali should release more songs!

This song has a different audience, still deserve a spot here!

Aha...for the SRK fans!

For Atif lovers too... He had many of them but this one for the travels sake!

A.R. Rahman doing it again!!

Sushant has so many good songs in his kitty! Have you heard this one!

Honey Singh's composition killing it in this one!

Loved the movie, loved the song!

Ayushmann sang it so well and the locations in this are just breathtaking!

This movie had quite a few good songs..... O Dariyaaaaaa!

Arijit Singh magic on the list!

Hosannaaaaaa... everybody loved this song of Amy and Prateik!

Latest and Awesome, this movie showed some really good locations!

O yeah, hit this when you hit for the road!

Ranbir Kapoor is the king of great Bollywood songs after Emraan of course!

Matargashtiiiii khuli sadak pe.....Loved this one!

A calm melody for those serene locations!

Le jaye mujhe kaha Hawayein Hawayein...SRK love!

The much in love with this one.

Rockstar being his career's best, with this awesome song!

How can we forget ZNMD on this list!

Another great song from a great movie!

Kuch to bataaaaaaaaaaaaa... Zindagi!! Salman on the list too!

M.S. Dhoni being his career's best, we will miss you Sushant #RIP

A great classic again which ends this list of great Travel songs of our generation!

Play them one by one or just hear your best one on loop, no need to head to YouTube, Play them here and enjoy your ride ❤️❤️❤️

I bet you'll love the collection, play them at a party, sleepover or just put those headphones on and enjoy this!

Comment down if you want any song to be added ❤️

Wish list this and share with your friends ❤️ 🧡 💛 💚 💙 💜 🖤 🤍 🤎

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