Your Ultimate Guide To Witnessing The Best Of Europe In Just 15 Days

Photo of Your Ultimate Guide To Witnessing The Best Of Europe In Just 15 Days by Adete Dahiya

Just the mention of Europe is enough to make travellers and tourists excited. And why shouldn’t it? With its treasure trove of scenic beauty, rich history, artistic heritage and culinary diversity, it is a dream for almost anyone across the world. But with its almost intractable wealth of sights and attractions, it is virtually impossible to have the time to cover everything in every country. A guided European itinerary is the best way to begin to explore this glorious continent.

So here I have 15 days mapped out for you, across some of the most iconic sights that Europe has to offer. You can individually book everything mentioned here or opt for a guided tour like the one offered by Club7 Holidays, which gives you a chance to stay at some of the best four star properties and explore your favourite destinations at really reasonable prices.

Day 1


Photo of London, UK by Adete Dahiya

Arrive in the British capital and proceed to your hotel. Relax and sleep off your jet lag as you prepare for two weeks of witnessing the beauty of Europe.

Day 2

Go on a tour of London city. You can witness several landmarks in a day trip: Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, and even the changing of guards at Buckingham Palace. From there, head to Madam Tussauds wax museum and the London Eye for breathtaking views of the city.

Pro tip: Carry an umbrella with you at all times. You never know when it is going to start raining.

Prepare for departure to Paris the next day.

Day 3

Head from London to Paris. Depending on the availability, you will either take the Le Shuttle or a ferry to reach the 'City of Love'.


Photo of Paris, France by Adete Dahiya

In the evening, enjoy a romantic cruise across the River Seine. You can get some of the best views of the city from here.

Pro tip: Carry a stole or parka with you as it can get chilly in the evenings as you sail across the river.

Day 4

It's time to have fun. Start your day on an exciting note with a visit to Euro Disney. In the second half, head to the magical Eiffel Tower. You can't really go to Paris and miss this iconic landmark.

Pro tip: Most tourists completely skip the Tower's first floor. It is worth a visit with the immersion gallery, a gift shop and a see-through floor.

Day 5

Today, it's time to delve a little into the city's history and culture. Visit the Louvre, the world's largest art museum, and see the 'smiling' Mona Lisa for yourself. Also take time out to visit the Versailles Palace and some other iconic landmarks such as Champs Elysees, Alexander Bridge and the Opera House.

Pro tip: If you're a smoker, make sure you don't throw your cigarette butts on the streets. It can get you a fine of up to €68!

Prepare for departure from Paris the next morning.

Day 6

Start in the morning from Paris and make your way to Belgium by road. It is a beautiful drive with some of the most spectacular views in all of Europe.


Photo of Belgium by Adete Dahiya

The first stop is the Belgian capital, Brussels, which houses the headquarters of the European Union. Take in the sights of the Grand Place, the medieval Town Hall and the famous Mannekin Pis statue.

Pro tip: Brussels has a very strong fashion culture and some of the best shopping experience you'll come across in Europe. Avenue Louise is the most popular street for shopping.

The end of the day is another long drive to Lisse. The route goes through several towns in Belgium and Netherlands, where you can make pitstops for food and sightseeing.


Photo of Netherlands by Adete Dahiya

The city of Lisse is best known for its legendary tulips and Keukenhof Gardens (till the 12th May). The garden is said to host one of the greatest flower shows in the world.

Pro tip: Do not forget to take your camera. The flowers in bloom at the Keukenhof Gardens are a once-in-a-lifetime sight.

Day 7

This day is all about Den Haag – a great place to get to know about the local Dutch culture and history. Visit Madurodam, a miniature park, to see a range of perfect model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities and large developments.

Pro tip: Den Haag houses Netherland's oldest shopping centre, De Passage, which will also protect you from the country's unpredictable weather.

Later in the day, board a cruise to explore the city of Amsterdam in a glass-topped boat, drifting through the canals and witness the city's marvellous architecture.

Pro tip: Amsterdam might have the lowest crime rate in the world but it is still notorious for pickpockets. Keep an eye on your belongings.

For the next leg of the trip, make your way to the country known for its beer and cars.


Photo of Germany by Adete Dahiya

The first stop is the city of Cologne. While the place is popularly known to have the most unimpressive architecture in the country, Cologne Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece with 515 feet towers, more than makes up for it.

Pro tip: Don't swim in the Rhine. At most places, it is not even legal to enter the water, and the current is so strong that you might drown.

Day 8

Today drive to the heart of Black Forest, known for its picturesque woods, consisting of pines and firs. Be enthralled at the scenic beauty of the quaint villages in the heart of Black Forest region.

Pro tip: Witness a demonstration of how cuckoo clocks are made in Triberg, which is known as the cuckoo clock-capital of the world.

Sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty as you drive towards the magnificent country of Switzerland.


Photo of Switzerland by Adete Dahiya

Make your first halt at Schaffhausen, where you can witness the beauty of the glorious Rhine Falls – Europe’s biggest and most spectacular falls.

Pro tip: Don't buy Swiss chocolates at souvenir shops. They are usually low quality and overpriced. If you have to, opt to buy from a local supermarket.

Day 9

Start off the day by visiting Switzerland's loftiest peak – Mt. Titlis – and get a 360 degree view of the Alps from the summit. You can reach the top in the world's first revolving cable car and also experience the Titlis Cliff Walk at the highest suspension bridge in Europe.

Pro tip: Carry a windcheater and wear warm clothing even if you are visiting in the summer. The temperatures can drop to sub-zero pretty quickly.

In the second half of the day, drive to one of the most beautiful Swiss cities – Lucerne. Visit the Lion Monument and Kapellbrücke.

Pro tip: Lucerne can get very expensive very quickly. Keep a track of your finances while you're here.

Day 10

Your third day in Switzerland should be reserved for a magical Alpine excursion to Jungfraujoch, which is literally the top of Europe. Here you can witness the Ice Palace.

Pro tip: Don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses. The glare is blinding and you're bound to go home with a sunburn if you forget.

Later in the day, drive down to another city – Interlaken, a unique and fascinating place situated between two lakes of Thun and Brienz.

Pro tip: Interlaken is known for paragliding. Try and not miss this if you can.

Day 11

On the morning of the 11th day, proceed to this tiny country in Central Europe which is the birthplace of Mozart and Sigmund Freud.

Credits: James Cridland

Photo of Austria by Adete Dahiya

The first stop is Wattens, where you can witness the making of Swarovski crystals at the Swarovski World of Crystals and marvel at the crystalline works of art.

Pro tip: The weather here is unpredictable with violent thunderstorms occurring even in Summer. Pack accordingly.

Drive to Innsbruck the same day. Witness the Golden Roof, a characteristic landmark of Innsbruck; walk down cobblestone pathways of Maria Theresien Strasse and relive medieval European culture.

Where to eat: Restaurant Bierwirt is a great place to sample local food and culture

Pro tip: Make sure you have cash on hand. Many commercial establishments still don't accept cards.

Prepare for departure from Austria.

Day 12

Make your way for three days of absolute fun to the most romantic country on the European subcontinent.


Photo of Italy by Adete Dahiya

Arrive at the pier in Venice and spend the day taking in all that the city has to offer. Some of the highlights you shouldn't miss: a private boat ride over the Giudecca Canal; visit to St Mark's Square, Bell Tower and the Clock Tower; witnessing the Bridget of Sigs; and a romantic gondola ride. Return to your hotel in the evening.

Pro tip: Travel in groups or with at least one other person for company because it is very easy to get lost in Venice. Even Google Maps will lead you astray.

Day 13

Your second day in Italy should be spent witnessing the magic of Renaissance in Florence. View some of the city's most iconic landmarks – Duomo, the Campanile, the Baptistery with its Gates of Paradise, Piazza Della Signoria, and Piazzale Michelangelo.

Pro tip: Florence is the birthplace of gelato. To check if an establishment is serving authentic gelato and not a factory-produced version, look at the colour of the pistachio gelato – it should be a natural, minty green and not too bright

Later in the day, proceed to Pisa, another city in the Tuscany region, which is famous for housing the remarkable Square of Miracles and Leaning Tower of Pisa in addition to some other interesting monuments.

Pro tip: Carry a bottle of water around with you and fill at water fountains. Buying water bottles can get pretty expensive.

Day 14

On your final day in Europe, fall in love with Rome. Nobody does fountains like the Romans and you will witness a number of these architectural marvels all across the city. Some of the most iconic sites here include the Sistine Chapel, St Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, and Victor Emmanuel Monument. Check out the Vatican City as well. End your day with a romantic meal.

Pro tip: Beware of dog poo on the streets. Just like in India, it is not compulsory for people to pick up after their dogs and you can end up stepping on some nasty stuff.

Day 15

Head to the airport in the morning and back home to India.

If you book this 14 Nights 15 Days package through Club7 Holidays, you get it at an extremely reasonable price, which includes airfare, all stays at four star properties, transfers within Europe, and all meals. It doesn't get much better than this for your maiden trip to Europe, does it?

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And if you've already been to Europe, write about your experience on Tripoto and maybe we can take tips from you the next time around.

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