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Gunjan Upreti
Named after maharishi Bhrigu, most trekkers attempt this trek to get to the famous Bhrigu Lake. There's no denying that the Bhrigu Lake is definitely worth witnessing but the beautiful meadows on the Bhrigu Lake trek are the real deal. They stretch far and wide with the spellbinding sight of horses galloping and sheep grazing!Region: Himachal Pradesh | Highest Altitude: 14,009 ft | Difficulty: Moderate | Duration: 4 daysRead more about the Bhrigu Lake Trek here.
Sreshti Verma
This spectacle of a lake sits tucked away towards the east of Rohtang Pass in Kullu Valley. The lake is named after the famous sage Maharshi Bhrigu, who meditated at this high altitude lake at 14,100ft above sea level. In the present days, it is a choicest destination for trekkers who wish to explore the pleasing isolated corners of the Himalayas.Check out the Team Trek Trails's journey to Bhrigu Lake.
Sreshti Verma
The trek to Bhrigu Lake is famous for passing through India's most loved meadow of Bhrigu. Professional trekkers, who have seen the best of the Himalayas, claim that these Alpine meadows should be your motivation to do the trek.The starting point of the trek is Gulaba. From there you trek for four hours to reach Rola Kholi, a picturesque village, and then camp again at Pandu Ropa via Bhrigu Lake for the night. And then head to the last campsite at Vashisht or drive to Manali directly.
2. Bhrigu Lake Trek
At an elevation of 4300 m. This lake is situated approx 14. Km from gulaba . most of you might not heard about this place as you have to trek to visit this lake.
Mayank Negi
The lake is situated at a height of 14100 feet. The time i reached the lake it was frozen and had more than 50ft of ice over it. Being said that, there was no disappointment on finding the lake frozen as the snowclad mountains were breathtaking and gave amazing scenic beauty. The snow made the climb a little difficult and strenous without proper equipments, but it was worth it.