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Cafe Kathmandu

Sharangee Dutta
In the evening, we decided to café-hop. We started with Café Kathmandu where we ate chicken spring rolls and Tibetan chicken momos. The food was average and had no novelty from the steamed momos we get in Delhi.
Nancy Johri
Rambling on the streets, I heard someone singing Bollywood songs. The soothing voice was coming from Café Kathmandu. I couldn’t resist myself from sitting there for some time and ultimately decided to have my dinner. It’s a riverside restaurant with great live music where you can enjoy delicious food amidst amazing views. The staff is nice, and prices are reasonable too. It has an aura of a typical hippie place, and a lot of happy travellers chilling with alcohol and smoke can be seen there. With colorful lights, comfy ambience and good services, the cafe is highly vibrant.
Batuta's Gluttony
The rest of the day was spent following random trails that led us through forests and step-farming setups that were still covered with snows, patched sown with colourful flowers against a backdrop of the snowy mountains and equally brightly painted houses nearby. Also, we became friends with a doggo who accompanied us throughout the trails. The day ended with a ride on a giant wheel at the edge of a mountain, followed by dinner at a cafe with trippy lights and trippy music.