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Sharangee Dutta
Our first café pick was Café 1947. We entered to a somewhat warm atmosphere of the cafe, but with Beas flowing right beside it, I suggested that we sit outside. Although I enjoyed the view, the cold wave literally bit my bones. It didn’t matter how problematic it was for me to use my phone with the gloves on, there was no way I could take them off.
Diana Banik
Café 1947:With the river flowing by right next to it, good music, and even better food, this place is what typical hangouts are made of. You can enjoy here with your friends or just linger in your own company, reading, reflecting, and eating.Definite Try: Fish and Chips - nothing goes wrong with this oneP.S: After all the food, in case you are wondering what you should do about dessert, check this out for the perfect end to a perfect meal.
Samir Anand
Cafe 1947,one of the best cafe in Manali. Named after the year India gained Independence,this restaurant serves Italian Grub. It is very well made cafe with a collection of books next to the counter. You can sit by the river and enjoy a good meal. The Cafe also holds live music sessions which are really popular. You should visit it once if you are in Manali.
Vipul Khattar
We were coming back from Leh and our long road trip finally coming to an end. Everyone in the group was exhausted and just wanted to rest and catch up with all their lost sleep.But the two of us rather decided to explore Old Manali and ended up being at Cafe 1947. The place was jam packed and had only one vacant table by the time we reached and we wanted to sit outside by the Riverside but that too was fully occupied even though the evening was getting chilly.It had a beautiful ambience and they had their usual Saturday Live music performance beginning at 8 pm and we were politely told to enjoy that rather than the Cold outside. They artist sang some beautiful songs and we ordered a few hard drinks and the combination of both helped us relax a bit.Alongside, we had ordered some starters. We ordered Cheese Bruschetta as an antipasto along with our drinks. It had the right amount of cheese, hint of garlic and perfectly toasted. But what really won us over was the fried trout that they served. It looked appetising the moment it came to our table with the sauces, dips, veggies and the French fries as sides. Not only the presentation but the taste was great and we devoured it as soon as it reached our table.We got done in a couple of hours time but more people still kept coming in be it Indians or foreigners and even at that hour the place was alive and there were people outside dying to enter. Overall an experience at Cafe 1947 when in Manali is not one to be missed.
Upasana Venaik
Local sight seeing generally takes 6 hours only or may be even less depending upon your interest. The driver charged us 800rs "fares fluctuates with season". Better to ask them in advance to drop you at mall road at the end of trip and drop back to hotel from there, else you will end up shedding 100 to 150 rs, unnecessarily. Our first local sight seeing stop was the most famous Hidimbi temple. Hidimbi devil temple is also known as Hadimba temple. It is an ancient cave temple dedicated to hidimbi  devil, wife of Bhim, if you have read or seen Mahabharata, you must be aware of this one. The temple is centrally located in cedar forest and drive to this place is hardly 10 minutes from the main bus stand. I was really surprised  to see such a huge line of visitors. The temple has intricately carved wooden doors and a 24 meters tall wooden "shikhar" above the sanctuary ( thanks to Wikipedia for the measurements-lol).I have taken some pictures of the temple architecture, you can admire the design of the temple and the animal horns which we saw hanging on the walls of the temple. The surrounding is really beautiful, you actually feel you are in a forest. This place has lot to offer, so you can pass your time  either by getting  dressed up as a local from himachal (100- 150rs) or can get your pictures clicked with the cutest fur animals such as rabbit or lamb only for rs 20 😍.I really wonder how they manage to grow rabbits so big n furry. You can enjoy sweetcorn or Masale chane. We spent some 30 mins here, that was the maximum time we could and then we left for another tourist hot spot famously known as clubhouse.The clubhouse has a entry fee of rs. 5o and is a really popular place amongst tourist. This place is run by himachal Pradesh tourism. It offers both outdoor and indoor games. Outdoor games such as zipping, which is basically river crossing and boating in a small backwater lake they have created. Indoor lot of gaming options are present. This place offer accommodation also in case you are interested. Or simple take a walk in the area outside, handicrafts shops are there. We sat for a while under a shed to enjoy the view of the river and inhale as much as fresh air possible.Next we went to see Buddhist monastery located in the mall road, right opposite  to a small zoo, behind the main market road. The tibetan monastery is one of the oldest and also a famous place in Manali. The Gadhan Thekchoking Gompa was constructed in the year 1969. The statue of Lord Buddha presides in the monastery. You can either shop locally or sit peacefully and enjoy the view of the flying prayer flags. From here we went to Manu temple, located in old is known that Manu was the creator of human race and manali is named after the sage Manu. It is believed  to be the meditation  place of sage Manu. After doing darshan we went back to old manali and as we were hungry we decided to call it a day at cafe 1947 which is at a walking distance from  the clubhouse.Cafe 1947 is a famous Italian restaurant and bar.Mom and I really had a good time here. This cafe gives a nice view of the river and the food also taste good. We tried their coffee and nacho for day one and enjoyed playing board games. While leaving from this cafe I already knew that I would be coming back to this cafe till I will be here in manali. Who doesn't want to sit in cafe which offers a good ambience with some great food and that too Italian.  . Wow! First day we didn't spend too much time on mall road as it was raining and we were kind of exhausted,  probably because of the late night bus journey and the altitude as well.So we went back to the hotel, watched a good movie and slept enough to wake up for a good dinner  in the same hotel. Took a walk after that to explore the little shops near the hotel. Spent a little time trying muffins at a bakery nearby.For the next day we had planned our trip to the outskirts  of manali.