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Dhaval Gangar
Gods own Land
Amit Singh
Manali - Rohtang Pass - KeyLong
From Amritsar to manali, covering approximately 400 km than reached 15700 ft above sea level is not less than a dreamy journey for a boy who packed bag even their parents didn't agree n a guy u never been visited hilly areas before but now straight psychologically prepared to participate in peak expedition. A solo journey to the ABVIMAS, MANALI for 27 days from my native place, without knowing difficulty level and suddenly expose to 100 of students from around the nation. That was mixed feelings but anxiousness more dominated.I couldn't portrait all my emotions, feelings, learning from team work, the difficulty, the hardness, even not to used water for washing after poop till 12 days, however manage with wipes. But the glimps of these 27 days I share with u and thats here:-Coming back to the golden city amritsar, my native place after completing expedition (somehow,I manage to achieve it, utterly tough!) from manali with Few memories, some unheal wound and body aches. A journey to reach 15700 feet high of the nature is extremely adventurous but at the same so memorable as well. The milieu of bhakartaj base camp surrounding by the hangman tibba peak, seven sister peak were heavenly beautiful ( your eyes get wet to see the nature the beauty of nature if u r nature lovers). Than crystal shining glacier which in between highlight with various unequal crevasses; beauty of the tarn ; moraine areas; crossing the beas kund; New FRIENDS; than finally a day to expedition to Mt. Shetidhar Camp One at 15700 feet from the bhakartaj base camp. Being so close to the nature hardly anyone enable to resist himself to get emotional and at the same time I felt blessed by God, who give courage me to enter his heaven :) I was also a leader of rope 5 of batch, which after at the closing ceremony declared the best rope of the batch. Today I just get up in the morning and few things of manali flashback in my heart like mess tin, blossom apple trees, fall in( before assembly), daily tuff tasks, my rucksack, listening mixture of different Indian accents, hpmc juices n candies and finally above all THE MOUNTAINS!! Love u manali n Vashisht ( a place 10 km from manali) to make my journey as a mountaineer more memorable.And one more thing before to start journey I was 85 kg but now after it is 70 kg Here are my few clicks..
The Blueberry Trails
This day after a cycling exploration of the town Kaza/explorations on foot, we head back to Manali by 12pm. We cross Kunzum La and Rohtang La to go back to Old Manali Stay: Inn Inclusions: Breakfast