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Mall Road

Ramesh Choudhary
Tripबाजers had a great evening. We had a few snacks & tea @ The Mall Road, Manali.**We can travel to Solang Valley with our personal car. If you come to know that you can't, please confirm at the Tourism information Office. There is one on Mall Road.**Just be careful with your personal vehicle while traveling to Solang Valley as the roads are slippery due to snow. So avoid sudden and hard brakes as your car can skid down the slippery road.For us it's going to be fun and adventurous drive.From Mall road we reached our hotel at 8 p.m. and spent our evening with some chit chat & snacks in our hotel room.We've been lost in nature's lapse. The temperature was - 4 ° C.We had dinner and we slept by 11:30PM.
Day 4: Exploring ManaliSo we skipped Solong Valley because we had a Volvo to catch in evening for Delhi. In fact we decided to explore Kullu instead. This tour included rafting and paragliding too, we skipped rafting as it was freezing.
Sharangee Dutta
We looked like miniature hulks with uncountable layers of clothes on us. The walk from Manu temple to Mall road is 3km. We walked past a public park that with its tall trees had an eerie sense to it. Once we reached the Mall road, it seemed like another place in Hauz Khas in Delhi. The place was highly commercialised and even had food corners selling typical North-Indian dishes. We kept looking the various nooks of the market in search of some authenticity. Unfortunately, other than the handicrafts and souvenir shops, there was none.
Nitish Hardeniya
Day 3 was a spoiler for us as we were stuck in our homestay for the entire day waiting for the snow to stop. It literally didn't stop for the whole day but we found a reason to get on the bed.
mohena jain
A last walk to the mall road was must for us as our body needed fuel. After having a last stomach full meal in Manali, we were back on the road to reach the bus stop for our journey back home. Thus, marking the end of our trip.Manali was blissful experience for all of us. Mountains, landscapes and breathtaking views personally gave me a bag full of ever lasting experience.