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Mall Road

Kunal Rawat
Mall Road – The epicenter of tourist gatherings. This place can get really busy. It is like any other mall road of a popular hill station but I wouldn’t rate it very highly as I find the mall road in Gangtok, Darjeeling and Nainital better (or maybe it is just nostalgia🤔).
In this part, I showed an amazing eatery where I ate Chicken. Besides it was a Chinese restaurant. These were small hidden gems which are very less known and explored. I can say this was the best chicken or non veg food I had in Manali. This was near manali maal road.
Shreyas Macwan
We did heavy shopping at Mall road and surrounding market. Most of the woolen shawls and other clothes to gift our relatives and friends. We had to buy a big bag from Mall road to carry all this to the hotel.
Shreyas Macwan
We spent some time at Mall road, toyed with the idea to have dinner at some restaurant and then decided against it. It was 2100. We all were tired.We decided to order some food in the hotel room and sleep early. We went to the hotel room, had some cider with some nice chicken and called it a day.Before going to the hotel in evening, I hired an RE Classic 500CC. I, myself am an RE Classic 350cc owner, so wife and Ziva are familiar with it. We decided to do local sightseeing by RE motorcycle.When we woke up, it was raining heavily. It was very cold outside with heavy fog. We wanted to get out, but it wasn't possible by a motorcycle in that kind of rain and fog. We decided to wait for the rain to stop. We were ready to move as and when the rain stops. We waited at hotel reception area. Hotel's reception area was full of couples and families who wanted to go out. I toyed the idea to hire a cab, but it was useless to get out even in the cab. Ziva was busy with running around at reception area and playing with other tourists.
Shreyas Macwan
We roamed around on Mall road. Mall road was full of tourists. I took my wife to some internal market. I told her not to do any shopping. I was with family and shopping is always a major and important part of the trip but it could be done on last day. Due to a nice brunch, we were not hungry. We had some panipuri and headed for VanVihar National park just across the road from Mall road.PS: I am not able to understand female's attraction to this panipuri. They(Panipuri) are dirty and unhygienic. Thanks to wife, now We have started making panipuri at home.