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Sreshti Verma
How to Reach: An auto ride away from Old Manali bridge, also an easy hike from there.Mythology: Of all the temples in India, this is the only one dedicated to Indian sage Manu, who, according to Hindu mythology, was the first man and with him came the civilisation. It is believed that Manu tied his boat to the Hampta mountain to protect the few species and humans he was saving from the Great Flood.
Aditya Damale
We had a great time sharing each others interests and went through the temple safari. We first visited the Manu temple which was the closest to Zostel. A ten minute walking ride took us to the footsteps of this small and peaceful venue. The road towards Manu temple is a bit steep so I avoided to carry much luggage except my DSLR.The name of this temple itself explains the importance it has got. It is basically a name of Hindu Saint after which Manali was first named or called as Manali.We made some good prayers and captured some of the top class architectures of the ancient times.
Vashisth Temple