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Ambika Bhardwaj
Prini village is just 4 km away from the hustle bustle of Manali. From the road head right across Serenity hotel starts the trek to the quaint Banara village. This is an easy trail where a silent forest of oak and pine, keeps the traveller's heart humming. This trail is usually taken up by villagers and is well preserved. Kathkuni traditional wooden homes and Manali-scape, makes the village look like straight out of a post card. It ends at the Banara temple, where sacrifices are made till date. In case you decide to go on, just one hour ahead of the Banara temple, the trail will elevate you to mountains from where you can get an aerial view of Manali with Friendship peak overlooking it.How to get there:Bus:–There are regular local buses from Manali mall road to Prini, that charge as low as Rs. 10–Take an auto/taxi from Manali mall Road to PriniNote: It is advisable to carry packed lunch, as there are food joints available in the middle of the jungle
Sonali Gurung
Prini is a rapidly developing village opposite of Manali town. Beautiful small village with wide open view of mountains, many hotel & resorts are there. Very shortly it will be called NEW MANALI.
Rohan Mudaliar
From kasol our next stop was manali. So we had booked our hotel here(6 seasons).The perks of going off season is you get awesome hotels for lesser price.The place is a little away from manali on the manali-naggar road .So if you prefer a little solitude with a nice view of the mountains this side is definitely good for you. Adding to it there is a nice trek up the mountians from here through villages. That's worth your time again. But the bad side is you don't have have a lot of hotels or activity in this side of the town.All the pubs,restaurants in the manali main town.