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Van Vihar

mohena jain
After spending 2-3 hours exploring around, we went back to the hotel to pack our bags. We had our bus in the evening for Delhi, so we had 3-4 hours in hand to roam around. We stuffed our bags in the taxi and were dropped off at Van Vihar National Park. This place is a heaven for nature enthusiasts and is frequently visited by children and adults. There is a small lake too in the middle of the green landscape for boating.
Niyati Mavinkurve
1. Van Vihar Park, Mall Road, Manali:This beautiful park lies right on Mall road, very close to all the action. For many tourists, this is seen in the passing. With tall deodar trees, Van Vihar is majestic and stands as a symbol of the state’s conservation efforts. A board by the State Government talks about the value of the deodar trees, which makes the visitor appreciate the conservation effort even more. Enter this park for some quiet time. The entry fees is nominal. I remember my visit here and loving how tranquil it was sitting on the bench. This is definitely a must see if you love spending time in nature.
Tushar Gupta
Our next stops were The Vashisht Temple and Van Vihar where we spent some quality time watching things around and relaxing along the riverside.
Vibha Singh
Van Vihar : The place goes with the name van (forest), with tall trees located at the bank of a water stream flowing by. This place has a entry ticket of Rs 10 for Indian citizens. One can sit and enjoy the view and serenity of the place with the gushing sounds of the river flowing and the birds chirping. The place is open until 6.00 PM in the evening. Overall a good place for the DP's to be clicked. :P