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Vinayak Shanker Sharma
Although we bypassed it, I could manage to catch a glimpse of the so called Switzerland of Bhutan as I had to fuel up. We regrouped at the Thurimshingla Pass ahead marked by a traditional welcome gate and a stupa.
Sushmita Haldar
Badari Deshpande
Bumthang Valley consists of 4 main valleys Ura, Chumey, Tang & Choekhor. Choekhor. The valleys are broad and gentle carved by the ancient glaciers. The wide and scenic valleys draws a large number of tourists each year. The name Bumthang has two probable origins; the first is that it is named after a Bumpa, a vessel for holy water which the valley resembles in shape. The second origin implies that it is the Valley of Beautiful Girls as Bum translates to ‘Girl’ and Thang means ‘flat piece of land’.These fertile valleys are covered in fields of buckwheat, rice and potatoes. Apple orchards and dairy farms are also common sights here. This serene region is one of the most peaceful places in the kingdom