Let India be your canvas that you can completely paint in the colors of your choice before you turn 30. Here is a list of places to visit in India to decipher Indian tourist destinations for you in a nutshell.

Day 1

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/taj-mahal-india-agra-temple-tomb-368/

Photo of Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India by Tejpal Choudhary

This age-old capital of Mughal Empire is now the foreground of the ivory marbled Wonder of the World. Agra is the window to the real rustic India with crowded streets and colorful tuk-tuks. With winsome edifices and never-ending food fiesta, Agra is as beautiful today as it was during the Mughal Era. Golden Triangle tours are the best ways to explore this amazing traveling destination.

Day 2


Photo of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India by Tejpal Choudhary

This pink city of Rajasthan has its pocket full of travel assortments. It’s flamboyant palaces, mighty forts, beautiful handicrafts and arresting ambiance plasters a smile to its traveler’s face. Spending hours just admiring its beauty and soaking oneself in the royal feels, is there anything better than that? Want to learn more? Let us be your guide then. Some of the forts have ranked in the list of Forts & Palaces of Rajasthan. Book your Rajasthan holiday packages today to explore them.

Day 3

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/ooty-green-mountain-nature-railway-2298522/

Photo of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India by Tejpal Choudhary

Take the Nilgiri Mountain Railway for a heavenly odyssey to Ooty. This plush estate fully covered in lush green carpet is as beautiful as it is serene and makes tourists fall in love with it. No wonder why it is called the Queens of Hills.

Day 4


Photo of Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India by Tejpal Choudhary

The prominent tint sage tales in the company of the holy Ganges and Himalayas pretty much makes up what Rishikesh looks like in its first glimpse. Apparently, that’s not all! It is the Yoga capital and the hippie heaven of the North too. Come here for living the paradox of life. Here read about Uttarakhand too.

Day 5

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/india-ranthambore-nature-reserve-3376006/

Photo of Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan by Tejpal Choudhary

Stroll through the woods of Rajasthan and land onto the kingdom of the striped beast. There is so much about Ranthambore except the fascinating demographics of its National park. Come here for intriguing fables and historical tales that revolve around the fort in the premise.

Day 6

Image Source: https://pixabay.com/en/india-udaipur-%E7%9A%AE%E4%B8%98%E6%8B%89-lake-1697600/

Photo of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India by Tejpal Choudhary

The city of lakes which is ornamented by lovely palaces and the man made ponds is a perfect place to be if you love a good background. Speaking of which, its intricately carved history and rich heritage is something to look out for if you are planning a trip to Udaipur. Did that get you history high? Then, read more.

Day 7

Source: https://pixabay.com/en/manali-himalayas-quiet-backdrop-1941788/

Photo of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India by Tejpal Choudhary

If you are looking for fun places to visit in India then, Manali can be the destination for you. This little town posse the perfect amalgam of nature, adventure and religion for its visitors. This gateway of Ladakh is the go-to spot for a true traveler as it invokes the high spirits of adventure in seconds.

Day 8

Fill your pockets with tantalizing experiences at the playgrounds of the Royal Bengal Tiger. The kingdom of this Indian jungle royalty has many exotic species to boast. In addition to that, there is an angle of spirituality that will literally change the virtue of your India trip. Also, read Indian Wildlife and Jungle Safari tours.

Day 9

Follow the aroma of tea leaves and land onto the emerald paradise of India. The blanket of nature adorned with the colors of construction makes this place a treasured beauty. The view of misty clouds and chills of cool soothing winds in summer makes this place a must-visit on our list. Learn more about it here.

Day 10

Where to visit in India? Well everywhere, and especially Kodaikanal. Why? Well, it gives you the feel of Tamil Nadu without actually making you go in the scorching heat. Sounds amazing! This beautiful hill town nestled among the Palani Hill is more chilled out and calm than its sister Ooty. Come here for a laid-back weekend, maybe?

Day 11

Bird watching on a cycle rickshaw is not a dream but a dreamy reality in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. This trip brings you closer to nature and heals you in the best way possible. Watch 300+ birds’ species and learn about them from your driver cum guide.

Day 12

Astonishing sceneries, finger-licking food, secret waterfalls and exquisite filter coffee, everything about Coorg hits the bullseye. This Karnataka beauty fits every pocket and even makes you feel at home with a homestay.

Day 13

Nature’s abode that is very much capable of providing its visitors with the best of everything is what Wayanad in Kerala is all about. Spot this southernmost tip of Deccan plateau and enjoy trekking, boating, safaris and much more. Also, learn more about Kerala here.

Day 14

The salt marsh which is also known as the white desert of India is another strong contender for the must-see places in India list. This beautiful district stages many diverse cultures and is also home to National parks and a cultural carnival too.

Day 15

The bliss is where Goa is, and that is a fact. The sparkling beaches of this state are not just pretty spots but the best hubs for water sports and beach fun. Come here and chill by the beach and let the ambiance do the magic.

Day 16

Step into the green meadows of magic. Spot Rhinos on elephant backs and make your journey a memory to cherish. Help yourself spot the vivid variety of flora and fauna because there exist many. Stand aloof and enjoy your time boating in the lake in its premise while spotting some water birds.

Day 17

Talking about must travel places in India and missing on Chitkul? Well, that’s a turn-off. This last motorable village of the Indo-China border is the least explored gem of India. Being an asset to ancient Buddhist Monasteries and the site of costliest potatoes, it's become a go-to spot for every adventure fanatic.

Day 18

This place is the spiritual spot on India sights which is famous for its relevance in the Hindu mythology. Sitting by the banks of the Ganges and admiring the views of the calm waters while listening to enchantments in the background is probably the best thing to do here.

Day 19

The mighty Mysore palace is waiting for you along with some prominent hues of religion, where you at? Come and dot the color of this Indian Kaleidoscope that happens to be the cultural capital of Karnataka.

Day 20

A yoga paradise set on the realms of the enchanting Vijayanagar Empire is the next destination on the most beautiful places to travel in India list. It is like stepping into the Stone Age in seconds. Do you think there is any match to that? We personally believe there isn’t.

Day 21

A beach town with finger licking food and good surfs, what else do you need in life, isn’t it? Well, this beach town is a lesser version of Goa not in terms of experience but in terms of price. Come here to get the perfect suntans and beach fun at surprisingly low prices. Checkout our Kerala Tour Packages.

Day 22

Are you a tourist with the nerves of steel? Well, because reaching this next destination on our list is a dangerous adventure in itself. Are you up for that? If yes then get ready to gaze to the tantalizing sights of Kaza which is nestled across the most placid waters. There are mummies, varying topographies in this trip. Are you up for that? Then, read on.

Day 23

A city in the sands and believed to be of the sand is our next spot on “what to see in India?” list. This shimmering golden estate is the best in business to provide camelback rides through the Thar. The panoramic views from the fort and the spell-binding sites of the fort itself help to make it a top name in tourist places in India list.

Day 24

Make Badami your sole love on the “what to visit in India?” list because this place will certainly steal your heart with its caves and carvings. Trek along with us to explore lofty forts and magnanimous museums of Karnataka.

Day 25

Blessed by nature and protected by Hindu gods, Trichy India is a treat to senses which stands at a good spot at exciting places to visit India. Other than its prominent theological trails, it is its treks that capture the attention of travelers worldwide. So, pack your bags and move to Pachamalai.

Day 26

Leh is no doubt the most beautiful place to travel in India. Sparkling glacier lakes, snow-capped mountains, and beauty in every direction you pan, Leh is a dream in its most imperial form.

Day 27

If you are a fan of safaris then visiting the land of mangroves Sundarbans is the wisest choice. Sundarbans have the charms of the Indian tiger and the blessing of holy Ganges.

Day 28

Listen to tales of the past that weave some Islamic tales here. Your visit to this place will be filled with museums, palaces, mosques, and fortification.

Day 29

Coddle your taste bud with some Tamilian delicacies at nature’s abode in Tamil Nadu. This loner’s nirvana will very well intrigue you with its charms, structures, and adventure sports. Are you up for that? Then continue your read more.

Day 30

Please your Buddhist motifs and travel to the grounds where Buddha preached his message of the middle way of Nirvana. This city has resurrected after being plundered in the past and offers the realms of beautiful monasteries erected by Ashoka. Read more about Top Buddhist sites in India.

Day 31

If you are fond of luxury India travel, then, our next destination will cater perfectly to your needs. This beautiful village presents its visitors a luxury experience in the royal land.

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