Bid adieu to the working week blues because the weekend is here and it's time to head out! From the newest restaurants to the most hip bars, from the coolest plays to the best of comedy, this is your ultimate guide to having a night you will never forget. So go ahead and have a blast!
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Every place in the world has something special to offer travellers. Whether it’s bustling markets, vibrant culture, world-famous cuisine or an enthralling nightlife – each city offers you a memorable experience. 


In fact, there are some places which come alive only after sunset and are known for their captivating nightlife experiences. For instance, Goa’s streets are transformed into bustling night markets as soon as the sun sets and Mumbai’s beaches take on new energy just as the day bids farewell.


The best way to explore the nightlife of a city or town is to plan your itinerary in a manner that allows you to explore sightseeing sites in the morning and discover the city’s inviting nightlife in the evening. This especially holds true if you are spending only a day or two in the city. To help you plan your trip better, we have a guide to the best nightlife in the world. 


All You Need To Know About Best Nightlife Destinations


If your idea of a perfect holiday is to let go and immerse yourself in the moment – we recommend choosing places with the best nightlife experiences. A city with an exciting nightlife instantly adds charm to your holiday and ensures you come back with memorable stories. If you are travelling solo, it’s also a great way to meet new people. 


Most cities offer different nightlife experiences and depending on your interests, you can plan your vacations. For example, Delhi has some of the best nightclubs and restaurants which are a delight to explore and at the same time is also known for the lively streets of Chandni Chowk which shows a different side of the city. What you include in your nightlife itinerary will completely depend on your budget and interests. 


How to Plan a Trip for the Best Nightlife Destinations 


The first step for planning any vacation is thorough research. It also helps if you have narrowed down your interests and are shortlisting places according to your travel interest. This helps in saving money and also ensures that you have a trip you enjoy. 


If you are focusing on the best nightlife destinations in the world, be prepared for expensive accommodation and travel. But, also remember that owing to the popularity of the place, you can get great deals on hotel and flight bookings. The top nightlife destinations in the world including Bangkok, Singapore, Las Vegas, Honk Kong and Paris welcome all kinds of travellers with open arms. All you need to remember is to plan in advance.


Tips and guidelines for a great nightlife experience


  1. Security comes first – this is especially important if you are a solo traveller. Always keep someone informed about your whereabouts and avoid sharing personal details of your hotel with strangers
  2. Do your research well – you can expect a different nightlife experience from each city so ensure that you know what you are looking for
  3. Always keep your identification with you
  4. Plan your nightlife itinerary in a manner that allows you to explore everything the city offers
  5. Don’t plan to visit nightclubs too far from your hotel
  6. If you are travelling solo, try to plan a night out with people you trust


Best Nightlife Destinations in India


India is one of the few countries in the world which offers travellers just what they are looking for. So if your next holiday plan includes a tour of the best nightlife destinations in the country, you will be spoilt for choice. The fast-paced, urban cities in India offer locals and travellers an array of nightclubs, restaurants and lounges which are ideal for all kinds of budget. 


Besides, nightclubs and lounges, Indian cities are also popular for night markets and food bazaars to keep travellers busy. Here’s our guide for the best nightlife destinations in the country. 




If you are visiting Delhi for its nightlife, you can be assured of a great experience. Home to several nightclubs, restaurants and markets – Delhi is one of the most popular cities in India. 


Another wonderful thing about discovering the nightlife in Delhi is that there are a number of options for budget as well as luxury travellers. You can spend your time in a five-star hotel and can also head to markets such as Chandni Chowk and Nizamuddin for scrumptious food and a peek into Delhi's warm culture.


Among the most popular places in Delhi, Connaught Place, Gurgaon, Hauz Khas, Greater Kailash and Nehru Place are home to popular nightclubs and lounges.


Whether you want to spend a night on the dancefloor or simply want to enjoy a few drinks, there are a plethora of options which will fit your budget. Owing to Delhi's popular nightlife, a number of new bars open every week but there are a few favourites which are a must-visit. Kitty Su, Dear Donna, Toy Room, Hauz Khas Social, Chatter House and Pass Code Only are some of the most popular nightclubs in Delhi.

Cost: A fun nightlife experience in Delhi can cost you Rs.2000 to Rs.10,000 depending on your budget.




It's no surprise that Mumbai is known for its exciting nightlife. The city that never sleeps promises travellers myriad experiences including walks on the beach, a hot cup of tea on Marine Drive, a scrumptious dinner in a themed-restaurant and a night of dancing at one of the many nightclubs. 


Juhu beach in Mumbai is lined with numerous small eating joints which offer travellers an array of delicious street food. These eating joints are open till late evening and are a great way to explore the nightlife in the city if you don't want to stay out too late. If you'd like to spend your time in a nightclub, there are several places across Mumbai which are ideal for party hoppers. 


Irish House, Toto’s Garage, Tryst, The Road House, Wink and Play- the Lounge are some of the best nightclubs in Mumbai for travellers and locals. Whether you are looking to dance away the night or relax after a busy day of sightseeing, Mumbai doesn’t disappoint. 

Cost: A rejuvenating nightlife experience in Mumbai can cost travellers anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.5000 depending on where you go and how you spend your time in the city. 




The culture capital of India has an array of nightlife experiences to offer travellers. From busy clubs, local restaurants to live band performances, there is lots to keep you busy in Kolkata. 


In fact, Kolkata has been the starting point for many popular brands and you’ll often find yourself discovering a new band in one of the city’s many nightclubs. Travellers also enjoy exploring the nightlife in Kolkata because it’s easy and relaxing. You can enjoy a luxurious dinner at a local fine dining restaurant and head to a club nearby and expect a memorable experience. 


Roxy, Someplace Else and Underground are some of the old favourites in the city. We also recommend trying out some of the new places if this is your first trip to Kolkata. If nightclubs are not something that you enjoy, you can take a stroll around the city after the sun sets and take in the peace and quiet Kolkata promises.

Cost: Kolkata is ideal for all kinds of travellers and you can enjoy a great time without spending too much. A nightlife experience in the city can cost one anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.4000.




Goa is one of the best nightlife destinations in India. Complete with scenic beach shacks, chaotic night markets, sprawling nightclubs and inviting lounges – it caters to the interests of travellers from across the world.


Owing to the popularity of Goa, most restaurants and nightclubs are open until the wee hours of the morning. The city transforms after sunset and one can explore a different side to this popular beach destination. Promising great music, unlimited cocktails and an opportunity to interact with other party hoppers, the clubs in Goa are packed by 10 pm. Most nightclubs don’t allow stag entry and we recommend always heading out in a group. Safety comes first so it's best to inform someone at your hotel or guesthouse of your plans.


Tito’s which is one of the oldest and best nightclubs in Goa is popular among travellers and is a great place for those who want to enjoy a few drinks and great music. Tito also hosts a variety of events so keep a lookout for special nights including karaoke night, Bollywood night and ladies night.


LPK, Club Cabana, Antares and Silent Noise Club are some of the other best nightclubs which are packed during peak season and offer travellers an unforgettable experience. 


On the other hand, the local night markets promise great food, even better shopping options and a peek into their everyday life. If clubbing is not what you enjoy on your vacation, you can always head out to one of the night markets and learn more about the local culture. 

Cost: An evening out in Goa can cost you anywhere between Rs.400 to Rs.10,000 depending on how you choose to spend your time here. 




Pune is gradually becoming a popular city for young professionals. Owing to its popularity, the city is now home to several nightclubs and lounges which promise to give you a break from the mundane. 


Among the most popular places in Pune, Hard Rock Cafe, Stone Water Grill, Flying Saucer, Sky Bar and Swig stand out for their relaxed vibe, unique array of cocktails and amazing music. If you are visiting Pune for the first time, we recommend asking a local for suggestions since there is always a new place to try. Another great thing about partying in Pune is the relaxed ambience and inviting vibe most nightclubs offer travellers. 


Pune also hosts a number of nightlife events throughout the year including Weekender, which promises three days of uninterrupted fun. If you happen to visit the city during that time, you’ll be in for a memorable experience. 

Cost: Suitable for all kinds of travellers, a nightlife experience in Pune can cost you anywhere between Rs.700 to Rs.3000.




Travellers have often said that Bangalore is one of the best cities in India. With great weather, warm culture and numerous opportunities for professionals, the city draws numerous travellers from across the country.


But before you plan your Bangalore nightlife experience, it’s important to remember that the nightclubs in Bangalore close by 1 AM. The best time to go pub hopping is early in the evening so you have ample time to relax and enjoy the city’s nightlife. 


Bangalore is also home to a number of microbreweries, live-gig lounges, sophisticated nightclubs, karaoke places and small studios which give you a chance to explore the local music scene. While there is a huge list of places to choose from, we recommend B-flat, Skkye lounge, Ice Bar, Pebble, the Sugar Factory, Hard Rock Cafe and Toit.

Cost: A nightlife experience in Bangalore can cost you anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.6000.


Best Nightlife Destinations Abroad


Planning a trip outside India comes with its share of research and planning and to ensure that your trip abroad is memorable, it’s best to have a rough itinerary ready. A mix of best things to do, travel interests and best places to see – the itinerary needs to be planned according to your budgets. 


Now, if your idea of a perfect holiday abroad is exploring the nightlife of the city you are visiting, we recommend keeping aside some part of your budget as well as planning carefully. Deals on food, drinks and travel can save you precious money and you can include more experiences in your itinerary. To help you plan your itinerary better, we have a guide of the best nightlife in the world. 




Does the day ever end in Madrid? Perhaps not. One of the world’s most popular nightlife destinations, Madrid is a city that never sleeps. During the day, you are admiring its beautiful sites and exploring the city’s history; while at night you have a chance to experience the city’s culture, just like a local. 


One of the best things about partying in Madrid is how convenient the city makes it for you. There is a special bus service which begins when the metro and bus service ends at 1:30 AM. Buhos, the best service operates throughout the night and ensures that late-nighters have a way of reaching back safely.


The city’s most popular bars and nightclubs are open all night and you can truly spend the night dancing away. The most popular hangout spots in Madrid are gin and tonic bars which have taken the city by storm.

Among the most popular places to live it up in Madrid, we recommend Joy Eslava, Fabrik, Teatro Kapital and La Corolla.

Cost: Depending on your budget, you can spend anywhere from Rs.2000 to Rs.20,000 partying in Madrid. 


Hong Kong


If this is your first time visiting Hong Kong, get ready for sleepless nights. The city keeps travellers busy with endless sightseeing tours, exciting shopping sprees and a culinary spread you just can't refuse. But what attracts night birds to this dazzling city is how it transforms as the sun sets. 


With numerous clubs, restaurants and bars, there is plenty to choose from and depending on your budget and party style, you can plan your nightlife experience. Temple Street Night Market is one of the most popular areas to visit during the evening as the whole street lights up and you can’t resist the aroma of local Cantonese food. 


For those who’d like to skip the night markets and explore the pubs in the city, we recommend Aqua Spirit, Cé La ViPlay, Drop and Play. Drop is one of the most popular clubs in the city and is fondly known as Hong Kong’s home of house. If you don’t want to spend your time in loud places, you can also pick a quiet restaurant or better still, you can head out for an all-night cruise. 

Cost: Hong Kong caters to all kinds of travellers and it can cost you anywhere from Rs.2000 to Rs.10,000 depending on where you head out to.




If there is a destination which makes it to the bucket list of more than half the travellers in the world, it’s Paris. Also known as the City of Lights, Paris is a dream for travellers. The fashion capital of the world, it offers one a variety of experiences including a five-course meal in posh restaurants, a glimpse of a mesmerising cabaret shows at the Moulin Rouge and of course a romantic walk around the Eiffel Tower. Iconic and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the performances are captivating to say the least. Another place which has caught the fancy of travellers is Club Silencio. Known for its exclusive guest list, this elite club is open till midnight only for members. But after 12 pm, you can head here to try your luck and you might spot some famous celebrities. 


Among other popular places in Paris, you can head to Chez Moune, Rex Club and Showcase for an unforgettable experience.

Cost: Experiencing nightlife in Paris can be slightly expensive and a night out at one of the most popular pubs can cost you between Rs.10,000 to Rs.25,000.




There are many things which attract travellers to Amsterdam but its carefree vibe and enthralling culture are definitely on top of the list. If you are holidaying in Amsterdam and are looking for a memorable experience, the city’s Red Light District will come up more than once as a popular spot. 


While it’s definitely worth checking out, we also recommend exploring the city’s restaurants, nightclubs and cafes so that you don’t miss out on anything. Among the most popular experiences in Amsterdam, a night out at The Movies stands out for its unique offering. Styled around the architectural inspirations of the 1920s, The Movies is an art house which goes way back in time and still shows old classics. 


On the other hand, if you are looking for an action-packed experience, you can explore the city’s nightlife through its several clubs. Radion in Nieuw-West district is a great choice and promises a night full of dancing, great music and drinks. The club has a 24-hour license so you can truly let your hair down. Among other popular nightclubs, Shelter, Club NYX, De School and Canvas are a few that you may want to include. 

Cost: A night out in Amsterdam can cost one anywhere between Rs.7000 to Rs.15000.


Las Vegas


Las Vegas has taken centre stage in several popular movies and books and one can’t help but fall in love with this lively city. Whether it’s your first visit here or you call it home, there is something captivating about its shimmering roads, dazzling skyscrapers and swanky clubs. 


Known as Sin City, Las Vegas adds a new bar or nightclub to an already existing long list of nightlife experiences, ensuring that travellers have plenty to choose from. So if this is your first time in Las Vegas, your nightlife experience will be dramatically different if you travel with locals. Not only will you get the chance to visit the best nightclubs in the city, but you can expect an unforgettable time. 


From clubs, karaoke bars, swanky restaurants to open-air lounges, sophisticated restaurants – Las Vegas promises plenty to choose from. A travel tip for first timers is to always keep your identification documents with you and if you have the budget, you must book the VIP table on a few of your outings.

Cost: A nightlife experience in Las Vegas can cost travellers between Rs.10,000 to Rs.30,000.




Which are the best nightlife places in India?

The best destinations in India which offer memorable nightlife experiences are the night markets of Goa, the clubs in Delhi, the live music performances in Pune and Bangalore and the pubs in Gurgaon, Haryana.


Which are the best nightlife places in Delhi?

The best nightlife places in Delhi are Dear Donna, Hard Rock Cafe, Keya, Kitty Su and the Electric Room. 


Which are the best nightlife places in South India?

The best nightlife places in South India are Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Bangalore and Chennai.


How much will it cost me to explore the best nightlife places in India?

India offers a variety of experiences to travellers and according to your travel interests and budget, you can choose your favourites. Exploring the nightlife in India can cost you between Rs.500 to Rs.30,000 depending on the kind of experiences you are looking at.


Share the best cities in the world for nightlife

The best cities in the world for nightlife are Las Vegas, Paris, Montreal, Cape Town and Dubai.


Which are the best clubs in India?

The best clubs in India which offer a peek into the country’s exciting nightlife are Kitty Su, Playground, Privee, Lap and Playboy in Delhi, Talaiva, Hard Rock Cafe, Trilogy in Mumbai and Ice, Pebble, Loft38 in Bangalore. 


Which are the best nightlife clubs in the world?

The best nightlife clubs in the world are Berghain in Berlin, De School in Amsterdam, Contact in Tokyo, Smartbar in Chicago and Fabric in London. 


Which are the best night markets in the world?

Night markets offer an unusual peek into the nightlife of a city. The best night markets in the world are Arpora in Goa, Luang Prabang in Laos, Temple Street Night Market in Hong Kong and Chiang Mai in Thailand.


Name three best places to experience the nightlife in Mumbai.

The three best places to experience the nightlife in Mumbai are Blue Frog, Tryst and Aer.


Share two tips for a memorable nightlife experience.

Two most important tips for a memorable nightlife experience are 

  1. Carry your identification papers with you at all times
  2. Always inform someone of your whereabouts, especially if you are travelling to a different city and country